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I did it all… almost

This past year has been challenging to say the least, and I have done nothing but complain about it, just look at the somewhat sad previous entries, where I bitch and say I was going to make some changes, but I found myself too busy with being in bed all day watching funny YouTube videos (you do it too so shut up).

Anyways, if anything the one good thing that came out of this weird, crazy roller-coaster of a year, is that I gained some knowledge on the wonderful thing that is adulting (hope you can read the sarcasm in that). I also can say, this year, I lived to the best of my capacity never missing an opportunity and making it work, regardless of social, financial, emotional or family related difficulties.

In the spirit of me getting shit done, finally, and a better 2017 from here on, I like to take notes from Robert and make this a music post. And the song that has been on replay in my head for the last few weeks is Lived by One Republic. I took the year by the horns and made it by bitch, I manage to meet new people, go to festivals, try new places and more, all while dealing with depression and a hard family event. In the past I would have let my depression take over me, not today Satan, not today! This is also the song I would like to be in my mind when I finally kick the bucket, so time to gain more experiences and LIVE.


Source: Soundtrack Of A Photograph

I used to have this kids encyclopedia growing up, it had 7 volumes if I don’t remember wrong , science, Spanish, etc, my two favorite ones where History and Geography. The History one was divided in ancient and modern history, also was the Geography one. I loved to look up ancient places and then compare to the modern map, after I had located the ancient empire in the modern map, had seen how its Geographic form had change throughout the years I would go to  the History encyclopedia and read on the events that had forced the changes.

I used to spend hours and hours of my childhood just sitting in my room examining these books, and as time passed, I grew up, I stopped checking the books, I forgot most of what I taught myself and now I am lucky if I make it anywhere without getting lost while using my GPS.

Yes I still know how to read a map, something my dad is really proud about, and I still like history, mostly only the good parts of it, but I have grown apart from that little girl who was so amazed at the world sitting in her room traveling from place to place and in time while still sitting in her room nose deep in a book.

When I saw this post it brought back so many memories and I wanted to comment on it, I started this as a comment for the post and I ended with a post of my own, thank you for a great post, for the memories and the inspiration.
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