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I waved back

This morning while sitting in the street car on my way to work  (big shot out to my car for breaking down right before Mardi Gras btw) these to waved and smiled at me saying good morning.

And while I normally don’t appreciate men saying anything to me on the streets; because most of the time they are being as gross as they can, these two made my day and it was only 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s like they saw my face and both agreed I needed a smile, and genuinely shared theirs with me. It did not feel gross or inappropriate, I was not being objectified or looked at because I have DDs. They were giving me a smile and a waved good morning because they actually wished for me to have a good day it felt like.

As I waved back at them I realized two things; 1st I was waiving back, I don’t waive back at strangers, hell, I don’t waive back to people I  actually know, normally I sit there with my resting bitch face staring at them like are you done? 2nd this strangers have taken 30 seconds of their morning conversation/ cigarette break/ beer break to give me some kindness in the form of a smile, that to me is the greatest thing someone can give me.

I have had a hard couple of weeks, with an extremely emotional weekend, that ended in so many tears yesterday, and as I  took an unusual route to work this morning life reminded me to smile even when things seem to fall apart, to love, respect and be kind to others. A smile, even a small drunken one can make someone else’s day oh! so much better.

Normally I am the queen of sarcastic almost pessimist reality infused commentaries and opinions, I mean I say  that I hate self empowering books to people who read them faces. But today I choose to smile and be a little more positive, tomorrow I’ll be back to being little bitch me.



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PS: sorry for the not so great photo the street car moved as I tried to take it.

I think my Ipod may be bipolar

I normally listen to Pandora while at work because I can just play it out from the computer, I don’t have to waste my phone battery and I’m not at risk of getting caught on my phone while at work, let’s not mention all the other things I do at work that I shouldn’t, writing this post being one of them, anyways today I decided what the hell I am playing my music just for the fun of it, after a few songs I came to the realization that my Itunes play list is bipolar.

We could say I am the bipolar one because I downloaded every single song there but I’m not ready to admit to my self-diagnosis yet, so we are going with the bipolar Ipod theory instead. Why is my Ipod bipolar you ask, well I contains every single genre of music you can think of.

So I turn it on this morning and put it on shuffle, because what harm can come out of it right? Everything was ok, it started with some Justin Timberlake aka my imaginary husband, it moved to some country and some Sam Smith after, then Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls, and that’s ok because when Freddie Mercury sings about women asses no one finds it work inappropriate, it’s just classic, them things got heated when Limp Bizkit came up, followed by some rap song talking about pussy, money weed, and that’s the moment when I decided I should probably turn it off and stick to Pandora, I can’t trust my Ipod to control its emotions and be work appropriated.

In a matter of twenty minutes almost every single music genre was played, I am the type of person that likes songs, no genres or artists, if a song it’s good to my ears I’ll buy it and play it over and over, I think everyone should be like that though, instead of just listening to one specific type of music, listen to everything and love the art behind each song, that way you wont be caught thinking Kanye West discovered Paul Mccartney and saying out loud on twitter.

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