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I call the most wonderful city in the world home,

The place where history is part id daily life, through culture, food or architecture,

Where dead is received by dancing down the street in a second line celebrating  life,

Where music runs through people’s souls and happiness is just a normal stay of being

I call New Orleans home.



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And I saw him

“And I saw him sitting on the streets, high on something that was not life.

And I wonder how most the lowest high feel.

But I am as lost as him.

So I left him sitting on the streets.”

Lowest High

I was walking around the Quarters the other day, alone at night because I am a maniac, and I saw this guy high out of his mind sitting on the street,  I tried to take a good photo of him but I heard people coming behind me and I got scared so I moved and the photo came up like this. I think its perfect that I moved, because I believe this is how he was seeing the world at that moment, I might be wrong.

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Dance like nobody is watching

How would I look like if I don’t post a photo to end the night!?

When I first moved to New Orleans I was sure I had make the biggest mistake of my life and I would be back in Miami with in 3 months.

Ten months later and I couldn’t be any happier, I love this city and what it has to offer! I can dance like no one is watching and I am happy here.


I took this photo last night on Frenchmen Street, there was a Second Line Band playing on a corner and people gather together to dance, tourist, locals, black, white, women,men, there was no differences only dancing and happiness.

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