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Monkey see, monkey do 

I have this awesome idea, I always have one of does, for a project where I only photograph tattoos. So I’ve been stopping random people on the streets and/or asking everyone I see and know with a cool tattoo to let me take a picture of them. I still don’t have enough material to make a post just for it, or I don’t know rent gallery space, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with you guys.

First because I freaking love monkeys, like I really do, I have monkeys all over my house (as decoration not real monkeys, that would be illegal). And second because if you analyze the tattoo it turns out to be more than just a tattoo of a monkey, it goes beyond just being a tattoo of a monkey.

I don’t know the story behind the tattoo or what it actually means to the person, when I took the photo I was with a group of people and I didn’t want to hold them, so I just snapped the photo, said thank you and kept on moving. This is my interpretation and what I believe the tattoo means, keeping that in mind, I could be totally fucking wrong.

In a very short easy way I think the tattoo means that music heals it all. If you notice the monkey is holding a broken heart, while listening to musing, playing a musical instrument and still showing a big smile. Music does heal, in so many ways music makes life so much better, easier to understand, simpler to enjoy. When you are happy you listen to music, dance around, laugh and have a good time. When you are sad, you listen to music (if you are like me drink lots and lots of wine) and cry yourself to sleep, either way music is the key to the moment.

Have you ever hear this songs and you have no clue what they mean,you even go as far as saying “this song is so stupid, makes not fucking sense!”, and then something in your life happens, your heart is broken, someone leaves your side, you win the lottery, and now you a big baller, and now that same song defines your life? This is one of the best times for me, when I discover something new in a song, something that was not there before, because life was not ready for me to understand it.

An other thing I love about this photo is that it shows how a simple tattoo can tell a story, how something so simple as colors on your skin can mean so much. This goes for any type of art really, but the fact that with a tattoo you can take you story with you everywhere and let people know it, makes it great. I know tattoos are still not completely accepted by society, and I understand why in some cases, but I still think ink is a great way of expressing yourself and showing who you are.

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