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I waved back

This morning while sitting in the street car on my way to work  (big shot out to my car for breaking down right before Mardi Gras btw) these to waved and smiled at me saying good morning.

And while I normally don’t appreciate men saying anything to me on the streets; because most of the time they are being as gross as they can, these two made my day and it was only 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s like they saw my face and both agreed I needed a smile, and genuinely shared theirs with me. It did not feel gross or inappropriate, I was not being objectified or looked at because I have DDs. They were giving me a smile and a waved good morning because they actually wished for me to have a good day it felt like.

As I waved back at them I realized two things; 1st I was waiving back, I don’t waive back at strangers, hell, I don’t waive back to people I  actually know, normally I sit there with my resting bitch face staring at them like are you done? 2nd this strangers have taken 30 seconds of their morning conversation/ cigarette break/ beer break to give me some kindness in the form of a smile, that to me is the greatest thing someone can give me.

I have had a hard couple of weeks, with an extremely emotional weekend, that ended in so many tears yesterday, and as I  took an unusual route to work this morning life reminded me to smile even when things seem to fall apart, to love, respect and be kind to others. A smile, even a small drunken one can make someone else’s day oh! so much better.

Normally I am the queen of sarcastic almost pessimist reality infused commentaries and opinions, I mean I say  that I hate self empowering books to people who read them faces. But today I choose to smile and be a little more positive, tomorrow I’ll be back to being little bitch me.



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PS: sorry for the not so great photo the street car moved as I tried to take it.

I am going to need Friday’s off

If you follow my blog you should know by now that I don’t have a real posting schedule, I can go three weeks without posting a single thing or I can post ten times in one day.

I like to blame this on the fact that I have two jobs, and a rather normal social life, and by normal I mean I rush out of work to go get wasted at cheap bars with good friends once or twice a week, I am hoping this is normal, anyways I am deviating away from my point. The point is that, although I love to blame it on my lack of time, I am actually the only one responsible for me not being consistent and organized with my blog, and so many other aspect of my life.

So we that in mind I will, for the first time in my life (since I don’t believe in setting new years goals), will set a goal for this new year coming up, and it is to MAKE time for me, my writing and my photography once a week, I have changed my availability with my weekend job to always have Friday’s afternoons off, and I am in the process of picking a nice coffee shop in the city to hang at on those days. Now this not guaranty me posting more or just posting every Friday, this just guaranty me taking the time to go sit at a cafe, just me, my laptop and my camera, and while this Friday we might be taking photos, next we might be writing, you get the idea?

It is all part of me trying to improve my metal and over all health, I am one to believe I have shit under control and then when it hits the fan I go running back to therapy crying because I really didn’t have it under control, and although, therapy helps bring me back out of my I REALLY FUCKED UP THIS TIME crisis, I need to be more committed to improve on my own and to keep it that way.

I am hopping this helps my over all motivation and to be a good impact on me. Some would say I just finally decided to grow up, since I am a 27-year-old woman who doesn’t have her shit together, and by now all people my age definitely have life figure out, don’t they ?     ( Don’t let my sarcasm hit you in the face), others will support and be helping hands with this small but meaningful step towards me getting shit under control, anyways I’m rappelling again.

I have set only two goals for this new year, having Friday’s for me and budgeting better, I am so excited to start 2016, because yes 2015 was great to me, but it is time to walk into the future with an improved positive attitude!


What are some of your goals for this new year? Are you excited to get started?


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