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Wrap it up! Photo 101

Although I did not follow the course day by day during the month of November and I went MIA a few times while I was doing it, I enjoyed every topic and a very shot!

It was fun taking the photos while having  the tips in mind and always keeping an eye open to look for what they asked us, it was also extra fun looking at everyone’s photos and getting ideas and tips from others!!! I really enjoyed this Photo 101 A photo a day challenge.

To wrap it all up here is my gallery with my Top 10 shots I took.


What do you think are this my best? I hope ya’ll like them as much as!

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Photo 101: Triumph

This is it the last of the submissions for the photo 101 course, it did take me longer than anyone would have though but I did it. For this submission we are talking about triumph, as on yes we made it!!!!

It all comes together
It all comes together

I selected this shot of train tracks coming together, as a way of saying we walked all this different streets and we finally made it to the end where all comes together. Every day, especially for those who actually followed the daily challenge as it went, we went out to the world with tips and ideas to find our great shot and then we brought it back to WordPress to share it, to learn from others and to learn from ourselves as we got better and better every week. And now we are at the end and everything has come together.

I hope you like my last submission!!!

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