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What do you have on tap?

Using ordinary objects to make extraordinary designs is one of the things I love the most about architecture. The photograph below shows one of my favorite architecture features in NOLA, and that is saying a lot because this city is full of wonderful architecture! It is a water fountain made with beer taps located in the The Bulldog patio, a local bar.

I remember the first time I went to this bar thinking ” wow that is such a cool idea”, I also imagined a drunken architect saying “I beer, I like fountain, I most combine them!”. An other cool fact about this fountain is that all the coins people drop in, while making a wish to the god of booze I’m guessing, is donated to charity.



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Resist: Potholes?

If you are from New Orleans or have ever visited you probably know we have potholes, a lot of them, everywhere. Our potholes do not discriminate on neighborhoods either, you will find them Uptown, 9th Ward, in many major streets and many side streets, the point is we have potholes, a bunch of them.

So it comes as no surprise that we complaint about them ALL the time, as soon as you leave your house and hit the first one “grrr these f… potholes” pops into your head. But as much as we complain, and no matter how many dicks we draw around them to force the city to repair them, yes apparently someone did that once. The truth is that we have kind of grown to love the damn potholes. Furthermore, we miss them once they get all patch up and the streets are smooth as a baby’s butt.

Take me for example, every morning on my way to work I had to avoid the same crater, yes, this one looked like a meteorite had impacted N. Claiborne Ave. So every day depending on traffic conditions I would have to either switch lanes or get mentally prepare for the possibility of my truck just breaking down in the middle of the street. Then one morning the hole was no longer there. There I was driving through the 9th Ward waiting on a pothole that vanished. It had me questioning my own sanity, ” Was sure there was pothole there, did I imagine it? Am I going crazy?” A couple of days later, while I was still struggling to accept the fact that the crater was not there anymore, I noticed how the recently poured concrete contrasted with the rest of the street, the hole had been patched up and now I was missing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not miss the pothole itself, nor did I miss the expectation of it every morning, I mean no matter how exciting this sounds my life is not that boring. But it did have me thinking, what would happen if all the streets of New Orleans were fixed? No one single pothole left behind. I believe the city would be missing part of its charm and uniqueness, part of what makes Nola, well Nola. I guess what I am saying is that I would rather curse out loud every time my truck jumps up and down while driving through Magazine Street, than to have New Orleans not be itself, and the fact that I live in the swamp is my ally, I will probably resist most of the things on my featured photo, but I might let the potholes slide, but definitely resist BROTELS!

Featured Photo by Sam Maggio!

Check out the Pimp My Pothole Gallery to see how creative Nola gets with potholes.

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And I saw him

“And I saw him sitting on the streets, high on something that was not life.

And I wonder how most the lowest high feel.

But I am as lost as him.

So I left him sitting on the streets.”

Lowest High

I was walking around the Quarters the other day, alone at night because I am a maniac, and I saw this guy high out of his mind sitting on the street,  I tried to take a good photo of him but I heard people coming behind me and I got scared so I moved and the photo came up like this. I think its perfect that I moved, because I believe this is how he was seeing the world at that moment, I might be wrong.

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This #onetimeinNOLA a group of photographers got together to take photos, of each other mostly, but also of their surroundings.

They met, learned and first of all support each other.

They talked, took photos, interchanged tips and experiences.

They walked around Bayou St. John as the sun went down and made memories for years to come.

Also there was a turtle, that mother fucker was dope.

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PS : search #onetimeinNOLA on IG to see other great shots!!

Mardi Gras Photos

Yes I know, I know I am late on this photos and Margi Gras was like a month ago, but A LOT has been happening and I haven’t found a way to let the outside world out to be able to post, but I’ll tell you all about it later and hopefully now I can just start posting again!!!

Mean while here are some shots I took with my Nikon during Mardi Gras, I hope ya’ll like them!!!!

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PS there is a link to my Instagram on my main page where you can check out way more photos!!!

Mardi Gras

So is carnival time here in New Orleans or what we know as Mardi Gras and today I had the chance to go to a parade right before work, this was my first parade of the season and the amount of beads me and my little sister got is pretty impressive.

I took some photos today which I will try to share with y’all soon, for now here is my favorite shot from the bunch so far.


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Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015

I finally got the time to sit down and look and clean all the photos I took on New Years Eve as we welcome 2015 here in New Orleans. I went out to Jackson Square and watched the Fluer De Lis drop and the sky light up with wonderful fireworks and here are my favorite shots just for you guys!!

All photos were taken with a Nikon D3100 and touched up using Iphoto and PicMonkey.


I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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I was not able to post anything today and that sucks!!!

Normally I post two or three times a day and browse my Reader page reading and liking y’all stuff, all this thanks to the fact that my job has not blocked WordPress for us (yet) and I also sit in the ER for 8 hours doing pretty much nothing, so I am able to type my life away and then share it with y’all. But today was my day off, which means I had to be a grown up and run errands and all that type of boring shit grown ups do, you know buy groceries, try not to kill the woman in front of you at the ten items of less line for having 20 items and trying to pay with check, like really who the fuck uses checks now days?? Normal grown up stuff.

Anyways, one thing I was able to do while stuck in traffic for, I shit you not, two hours!!!! was take a few snaps of the CCC bridge from different angles as I crossed it. It is the same bridge in the photos I submitted for my Photo 101: Landmark post.

Hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to comment, like and share. I will be back tomorrow as my regular self, have a great night.