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I call the most wonderful city in the world home,

The place where history is part id daily life, through culture, food or architecture,

Where dead is received by dancing down the street in a second line celebrating  life,

Where music runs through people’s souls and happiness is just a normal stay of being

I call New Orleans home.



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What do you have on tap?

Using ordinary objects to make extraordinary designs is one of the things I love the most about architecture. The photograph below shows one of my favorite architecture features in NOLA, and that is saying a lot because this city is full of wonderful architecture! It is a water fountain made with beer taps located in the The Bulldog patio, a local bar.

I remember the first time I went to this bar thinking ” wow that is such a cool idea”, I also imagined a drunken architect saying “I beer, I like fountain, I most combine them!”. An other cool fact about this fountain is that all the coins people drop in, while making a wish to the god of booze I’m guessing, is donated to charity.



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I waved back

This morning while sitting in the street car on my way to work  (big shot out to my car for breaking down right before Mardi Gras btw) these to waved and smiled at me saying good morning.

And while I normally don’t appreciate men saying anything to me on the streets; because most of the time they are being as gross as they can, these two made my day and it was only 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s like they saw my face and both agreed I needed a smile, and genuinely shared theirs with me. It did not feel gross or inappropriate, I was not being objectified or looked at because I have DDs. They were giving me a smile and a waved good morning because they actually wished for me to have a good day it felt like.

As I waved back at them I realized two things; 1st I was waiving back, I don’t waive back at strangers, hell, I don’t waive back to people I  actually know, normally I sit there with my resting bitch face staring at them like are you done? 2nd this strangers have taken 30 seconds of their morning conversation/ cigarette break/ beer break to give me some kindness in the form of a smile, that to me is the greatest thing someone can give me.

I have had a hard couple of weeks, with an extremely emotional weekend, that ended in so many tears yesterday, and as I  took an unusual route to work this morning life reminded me to smile even when things seem to fall apart, to love, respect and be kind to others. A smile, even a small drunken one can make someone else’s day oh! so much better.

Normally I am the queen of sarcastic almost pessimist reality infused commentaries and opinions, I mean I say  that I hate self empowering books to people who read them faces. But today I choose to smile and be a little more positive, tomorrow I’ll be back to being little bitch me.



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PS: sorry for the not so great photo the street car moved as I tried to take it.

Resist: Potholes?

If you are from New Orleans or have ever visited you probably know we have potholes, a lot of them, everywhere. Our potholes do not discriminate on neighborhoods either, you will find them Uptown, 9th Ward, in many major streets and many side streets, the point is we have potholes, a bunch of them.

So it comes as no surprise that we complaint about them ALL the time, as soon as you leave your house and hit the first one “grrr these f… potholes” pops into your head. But as much as we complain, and no matter how many dicks we draw around them to force the city to repair them, yes apparently someone did that once. The truth is that we have kind of grown to love the damn potholes. Furthermore, we miss them once they get all patch up and the streets are smooth as a baby’s butt.

Take me for example, every morning on my way to work I had to avoid the same crater, yes, this one looked like a meteorite had impacted N. Claiborne Ave. So every day depending on traffic conditions I would have to either switch lanes or get mentally prepare for the possibility of my truck just breaking down in the middle of the street. Then one morning the hole was no longer there. There I was driving through the 9th Ward waiting on a pothole that vanished. It had me questioning my own sanity, ” Was sure there was pothole there, did I imagine it? Am I going crazy?” A couple of days later, while I was still struggling to accept the fact that the crater was not there anymore, I noticed how the recently poured concrete contrasted with the rest of the street, the hole had been patched up and now I was missing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not miss the pothole itself, nor did I miss the expectation of it every morning, I mean no matter how exciting this sounds my life is not that boring. But it did have me thinking, what would happen if all the streets of New Orleans were fixed? No one single pothole left behind. I believe the city would be missing part of its charm and uniqueness, part of what makes Nola, well Nola. I guess what I am saying is that I would rather curse out loud every time my truck jumps up and down while driving through Magazine Street, than to have New Orleans not be itself, and the fact that I live in the swamp is my ally, I will probably resist most of the things on my featured photo, but I might let the potholes slide, but definitely resist BROTELS!

Featured Photo by Sam Maggio!

Check out the Pimp My Pothole Gallery to see how creative Nola gets with potholes.

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Two Cities, Two Streets


Just about one year ago, we found each other working on our first collaboration, a blog post called Two Cities, Two Bridges. We set a date, a time and place, each in our respective cities and we picked our favorite bridge…you see we kind of have a thing for bridges, we like taking photos of them. The post received a great response, and it wasn’t too long before we thought about working together again. One probably drunken night, we came up with the idea of shooting Canal Street, the same idea behind last years project, but with a different subject matter, since both cities share streets of that name. We decided to choose 5 photos that in a small way represented what Canal Street is all about, both in New York and in New Orleans. We hope you all enjoy our selection, or that at least this post inspires you to come visit our cities.


So here we are again, about a year ago Robert and I found each other thanks to the magic of WordPress, and right away respect and love for each others work developed and of course the desire to work together no matter the distance. Last year we published our first collaboration, Two Cities, Two Bridges, with a great response from everyone, and of course we are back at it again. I love New Orleans, that is no secret, and I love New York, so what better way to express that love by showing off Canal Street! Something that both cities have in common beside that word New in their names. While in New York, Canal is a chaotic commerce center where Chinatown and Little Italy come together. Here in New Orleans Canal is where the French Quarter’s meet the Central Business District (CBD), where old meets new, and life becomes history. You can see how the industrial revolution and the 21st century took over by just crossing the street, leaving narrow streets meant for horses and wagons behind to be replaced by modern architecture and businesses. Colonial houses become straight line glass buildings, but 100 years do not seem that long ago. A lot happens along Canal Street in New Orleans-restaurants, shops, doctors offices and hotels all in one strip, the 9-5 workers give way to the erratic night life that starts where Bourbon meets Canal, in a never ending circle of ‘regular’ vs ‘eccentric’. Definitely Canal is one of the best examples of how New Orleans traditions adapt to the modern world, how we work hard but still know how to have fun, and how this wonderful community remains up to date with the changing world but never leaving behind what makes us New Orleans.




First let me say what a thrill it is to be working with Soranny once again. She remains one of my favorite photographers, and I urge you to check out her other posts and her Instagram. She does a wonderful job capturing her love for New Orleans through her camera lens. You really feel the sense of life in her shots. Canal Street in Manhattan is an interesting place. Historically it was built over a poorly considered canal downtown. In time it became the early location of the jewelry trade, before becoming more of the commercial district it is today, full of vendors selling ‘genuine’ Ray Ban sunglasses and Gucci handbags. Canal Street also divides the neighborhoods of Little Italy and Chinatown, which provides a great cross-section of cultures to soak in. Having only 5 photos to choose from, it was impossible to showcase all of my walk on Canal Street. What I did come up with were some of my favorite things I saw that day-old buildings and signs, different cultures and people. That is a cool thing that happens when you explore a street like Canal-everything comes to life-sight, sounds and smells. I enjoyed seeing such a well known street through my camera lens, and I hope you enjoy it too. Here are my choices-

Here’s Robert and a Canal Street sign in New York-


And Soranny with a selfie and a Canal Street sign in New Orleans



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All Photographs By Robert P. Doyle and Soranny Martinez

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Bayou St. John 

It is amazing how the city can disappear around you, if you just concentrate on the trees, the ducks that are starting to migrate to the warmer weather and the breeze touching your skin, the cars, the buildings,the noises of city life banishing away, it’s just you and your thoughts for a moment, until is just you and the earth and nothing else, and nothing matters and you are free, and in that moment you feel nothing but complete pure happiness.


China Lights a beautiful exposition of bright silk covered structures inspired by the famous china lanterns has been open to the public at New Orleans City Park, the entire botanical garden section of the park has been transformed into a wonderful show case of bright, detailed lighten structures and beautiful plants from around the world, it is just an amazing sight.

A few weeks ago I took a little time to go check it out, and of course I took my camera with me. Here is one of my favorite shot from the night, I am still looking through the hundreds I took (because I have no self control), but this is definitely my best one. This photo is shown as shot, I have done nothing to it, isn’t it just nice?


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This is a really exciting post, not only because it brings great photos with it, but because it is the first collaboration between Robert Doyle from Soundtrack of a Photograph and Soranny Martinez from Sory’s World . We both decided to photograph our favorite subject, at the same time, same day and using the same camera model, the trick? We are both in different cities and we have never personally met! So after a little playing we both set camp on October 6, 2015 to capture our snaps (Robert in New York, Soranny in New Orleans), taking two shots one at sunset and the other an hour before, one in color and the other in black and white, and now we are here to share the final work with you.

Soranny- It’s funny what you can accomplish with a little planing and a vigorous interchange of about 40 emails,  Robert and I came across each other on the The Daily Post Community Pool a few months back and fell in love with each other’s work at once, now we are collaborating, isn’t that awesome!? Robert not only shares the love for photography with me but also we both enjoy photographing bridges, so when he came up with the idea of working together the first thing that came to mind was “We should work on bridges”!An other fun fact is that I personally am afraid of heights and water gives me the creeps, but there is something about bridges, specially the CCC, that just makes me feel at peace. One of my favorite things to do is to sit under the bridge and watch the people pass on their bikes or working out in peace, contrasting with all the chaotic traffic crossing the bridge. Also I look at bridges as connectors, keeping us close even across water. Makes me feel that all though my friends are far from me, it’s not really that much of a distance, I can literally cross waters and be with them again. I really hope y’all enjoy our picks as much as we enjoy planing and taking the plan into action, it was really a lot of fun and we came up with great photos to show. Also don’t forget to check Robert’s blog for more great photos, writing and MUSIC (he likes to pick songs for his posts and it’s pretty cool), you will fall in love with his work as I did. Here are the photos he chose for the project:

59th Street Bridge- New York
59th Street Bridge- New York
59th Street Bridge- New York
59th Street Bridge- New York
Robert- “So it was that a few months back I was introduced to Soranny and her blog-https://sorysworld.wordpress.com/ via a weekly feature on WordPress called Community Pool, that allows fellow bloggers to give one another input on layout, graphics, and photos. When I investigated her blog I was immediately impressed by her work, mostly inspired by her new home of New Orleans. As I began going through her photos I saw that she has a great feel for architecture, texture and vibrant colors. Digging deeper I noticed one thing especially. She had posted some amazing photos of bridges. When I asked her about it she admitted it was one of her favorite subject matters. I had done an entire blog last year about the Manhattan Bridge, so coming across someone as passionate about bridges as her was a great find.  Please make sure you check out her blog for yourself. Soranny’s choice was the GNO Bridge in New Orleans and mine was the 59th Street Bridge, both of which really seem to represent where we both are.  For Soranny it represents the love of her new home in New Orleans and for me, my new home in Queens. I like to think that bridges represent both the actual structure, and the transitions we both made.  Here are Soranny’s photos”:
Crescent City Connection, New Orleans LA
Crescent City Connection, New Orleans LA
Crescent City Connection, New Orleans LA
Crescent City Connection, New Orleans LA

And to finish we leave you with our selfies, also taken that same day and links to all of social media pages and our blogs, please comment, like, share and follow!!!

Robert- New York 10/06/2015
Robert- New York 10/06/2015
Soranny - New Orleans 10/06/15
Soranny – New Orleans 10/06/15

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