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I did it all… almost

This past year has been challenging to say the least, and I have done nothing but complain about it, just look at the somewhat sad previous entries, where I bitch and say I was going to make some changes, but I found myself too busy with being in bed all day watching funny YouTube videos (you do it too so shut up).

Anyways, if anything the one good thing that came out of this weird, crazy roller-coaster of a year, is that I gained some knowledge on the wonderful thing that is adulting (hope you can read the sarcasm in that). I also can say, this year, I lived to the best of my capacity never missing an opportunity and making it work, regardless of social, financial, emotional or family related difficulties.

In the spirit of me getting shit done, finally, and a better 2017 from here on, I like to take notes from Robert and make this a music post. And the song that has been on replay in my head for the last few weeks is Lived by One Republic. I took the year by the horns and made it by bitch, I manage to meet new people, go to festivals, try new places and more, all while dealing with depression and a hard family event. In the past I would have let my depression take over me, not today Satan, not today! This is also the song I would like to be in my mind when I finally kick the bucket, so time to gain more experiences and LIVE.

The mail is here

Have you ever ordered something online and then sat by the door  and waited for it to arrive? Well it feels the same when someone tells you they sent you something in the mail. So when Robert messaged me and told me something was on its way I pulled out my waiting chair and sat by the door, he did say it was getting to me on Friday, that didn’t stop me.

You can imagine my excitement when I got home Friday after a long day at work ( and an even longer hour of me being stuck in traffic) and found a package waiting for me, I tried to open it right away, purse and cars keys in hand still, my mom had to tell me to put somethings down if I wanted to get it open any time soon. When I finally got it open, after what it felt like the biggest fight of my life against plastic wrapper and tape (you did great job with the packing Robert!), I was so happy and surprised to find out what was inside.

Lets connect
Let’s connect

Not to long ago I posted a little short story about how we never get letters in the mail anymore, unless we are talking about them bills that drive us all crazy, so when I opened it and found a letter and some CDs you know I went crazy happy, I mean talk about taking it all the way back to 1999, I don’t even own a CD player anymore I had to go seat in my car after dinner to listen to them, and the fact that he took the time to pick up a pen and hand write a letter for me! It is one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me, so thank you Robert, I really appreciated.

You guys probably remember Robert from my collaboration post Bridges and if you do then you know that he likes to incorporate music to his post, so today I am going to follow his steps and add a video of my favorite track so far of the ones he sent me, it only seems fair to do so. And although he told me to start with an other album this has been the one playing in my car all day, hope you guys enjoy this song as much as I am, jamming to it right now, this is a live version.

Now Im finishing this to go out take some photos, thanks for the inspiration and the love!

Here’s to my first post with music, good friends, great gifts and lots of talent to share!

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Monkey see, monkey do 

I have this awesome idea, I always have one of does, for a project where I only photograph tattoos. So I’ve been stopping random people on the streets and/or asking everyone I see and know with a cool tattoo to let me take a picture of them. I still don’t have enough material to make a post just for it, or I don’t know rent gallery space, but I couldn’t wait to share this one with you guys.

First because I freaking love monkeys, like I really do, I have monkeys all over my house (as decoration not real monkeys, that would be illegal). And second because if you analyze the tattoo it turns out to be more than just a tattoo of a monkey, it goes beyond just being a tattoo of a monkey.

I don’t know the story behind the tattoo or what it actually means to the person, when I took the photo I was with a group of people and I didn’t want to hold them, so I just snapped the photo, said thank you and kept on moving. This is my interpretation and what I believe the tattoo means, keeping that in mind, I could be totally fucking wrong.

In a very short easy way I think the tattoo means that music heals it all. If you notice the monkey is holding a broken heart, while listening to musing, playing a musical instrument and still showing a big smile. Music does heal, in so many ways music makes life so much better, easier to understand, simpler to enjoy. When you are happy you listen to music, dance around, laugh and have a good time. When you are sad, you listen to music (if you are like me drink lots and lots of wine) and cry yourself to sleep, either way music is the key to the moment.

Have you ever hear this songs and you have no clue what they mean,you even go as far as saying “this song is so stupid, makes not fucking sense!”, and then something in your life happens, your heart is broken, someone leaves your side, you win the lottery, and now you a big baller, and now that same song defines your life? This is one of the best times for me, when I discover something new in a song, something that was not there before, because life was not ready for me to understand it.

An other thing I love about this photo is that it shows how a simple tattoo can tell a story, how something so simple as colors on your skin can mean so much. This goes for any type of art really, but the fact that with a tattoo you can take you story with you everywhere and let people know it, makes it great. I know tattoos are still not completely accepted by society, and I understand why in some cases, but I still think ink is a great way of expressing yourself and showing who you are.

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I think my Ipod may be bipolar

I normally listen to Pandora while at work because I can just play it out from the computer, I don’t have to waste my phone battery and I’m not at risk of getting caught on my phone while at work, let’s not mention all the other things I do at work that I shouldn’t, writing this post being one of them, anyways today I decided what the hell I am playing my music just for the fun of it, after a few songs I came to the realization that my Itunes play list is bipolar.

We could say I am the bipolar one because I downloaded every single song there but I’m not ready to admit to my self-diagnosis yet, so we are going with the bipolar Ipod theory instead. Why is my Ipod bipolar you ask, well I contains every single genre of music you can think of.

So I turn it on this morning and put it on shuffle, because what harm can come out of it right? Everything was ok, it started with some Justin Timberlake aka my imaginary husband, it moved to some country and some Sam Smith after, then Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls, and that’s ok because when Freddie Mercury sings about women asses no one finds it work inappropriate, it’s just classic, them things got heated when Limp Bizkit came up, followed by some rap song talking about pussy, money weed, and that’s the moment when I decided I should probably turn it off and stick to Pandora, I can’t trust my Ipod to control its emotions and be work appropriated.

In a matter of twenty minutes almost every single music genre was played, I am the type of person that likes songs, no genres or artists, if a song it’s good to my ears I’ll buy it and play it over and over, I think everyone should be like that though, instead of just listening to one specific type of music, listen to everything and love the art behind each song, that way you wont be caught thinking Kanye West discovered Paul Mccartney and saying out loud on twitter.

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Dance like nobody is watching

How would I look like if I don’t post a photo to end the night!?

When I first moved to New Orleans I was sure I had make the biggest mistake of my life and I would be back in Miami with in 3 months.

Ten months later and I couldn’t be any happier, I love this city and what it has to offer! I can dance like no one is watching and I am happy here.


I took this photo last night on Frenchmen Street, there was a Second Line Band playing on a corner and people gather together to dance, tourist, locals, black, white, women,men, there was no differences only dancing and happiness.

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Photo 101: Moment

For this challenge they asked us to capture a moment, like I told you guys I was going to go out and take new photos for the up coming assignments and that’s exactly what I did yesterday, here is one of my favorite shots from all the ones I got, and the one I believe represents a moment the best.

New Orleans street performer
New Orleans street performer

This lady sings and plays the clarinet, and she does both extremely well. I was going for my regular friday morning walk around the French Quarters when I saw the little band playing, a few minutes after I stopped to watch them she stands up for a solo and wow!!! You can see that she is completely lost in the music, lost in that moment and that is what she lives for. Watching someone do what day love and see how they give themselves to it is something amazing.

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