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My happy organized mess

Some times I get this desire for being an organized person, you know those that fix and organize everything alphabetically or color coordinate, I kind of wish I was borderline OCD in a way. So when I get that rush, that little voice that tell me organize your home, I get everything out of drawers i haven’t open in years and go to Target, not lonely because I’m addicted to the store, but because I need markers in every color they come and plastic containers,
I get home and start organizing stuff, separating my things by importance or necessity levels, red means important, blue means it has to go, then half way through the spring cleaning in the middle of winter I say screw this where is the wine, I grab a bottle and proceed to waste fifteen minutes looking for the wine opener, which I can’t find because I just re-organized the kitchen and forgot where I put it, then is when I realized that I’m happy with my organized mess.