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It’s Christmas time and I like lists.

This is going to sound wrong in so many ways but I am going  to say it any ways, it is not because I don’t believe in the reason for the season, but I really love Christmas for a few things and none of them have to do with religion, please don’t tell my grandma I said that.

So here is a list of reason I love Christmas:

  1. Everybody seems to be fucking happy, even on Mondays.
  2. Shit gets fancy real fast real quick (this is my way of saying that everything done during the holidays tends to be a little more extravagant).
  3. Party over here, party over there, parties everywhere!!!!
  4. 90% of homes are decorated and they look so damn beautiful, some of them could bring tears to your eyes.
  5. Food, this one needs not explanation.
  6. The weather is fabulous (this might just count as a good thing for us southerners)
  7. Drinking your way to the ER it’s more acceptable, its the holidays so fuck it I’ll drink a whole bottle of tequila.
  8. Free shit!!! Gifts, food, kisses from random people (hey we were under the mistletoe!!)
  9. The number of excuses for dressing up, wearing heels and going all out with your make up skills triples.
  10. SHOPPING!!!!!

Bonus point

11. FOOD (yes it is that good!!!)


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My year in books…

Last year I moved to New Orleans, and I found myself with a lot of free time, so I read a lot, here is a list of books I read last year and I recommend if you like zombies or crying like a little baby over fictional characters.

1. Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant

Feed (Book 1)

Deadline (Book 2)

Blackout (Book 3)

What I like of this trilogy is the fact that, opposite to every other zombie story where as soon as the out break happens the world ends and the reminding humans have to spend the rest of their life running and hiding from the dead, in this one humans have learned to live with the sick and keep a comfortable life, if you overlook all the chemicals showers they have to take just to get in their house.

2. The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson

The Enemy (Book 1)

The Dead (Book 2)

The Fear (Book 3)

The Sacrifice (Book 4)

The Fallen (Book 5)

The hunted (Book 6) I haven’t read this one yet.

I enjoined this series because first of all it revolves around kids, the tiny humans make great zombie killers and survives, and second it gives you different story lines that then come together, it keeps you on your toes, see if you were paying attention.

3. The Fault in our stars by John Green.

All I have to say is that the ending will make you cry, but you probably know that because you saw the movie, did you little rebel?

4. Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Divergent (Book 1)

Insurgent (Book 2)

Allegiant (Book 3)

5. Dead Days by Ryan Casey

With this one there are so many episodes and seasons, that I honestly don’t know how many I read and how far I got, at one point I got so confuse that I lost interest, almost all main characters died and there were at least four story lines going on at the same time. I got pretty far I like to say, before I got confused.

6. The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

The Selection (Book 1)

The Elite (Book 2)

The One (Book 3)

This one also has a lot of other short stories or novels from the point of other characters that I did not read, I focused only on the three main ones, it is a fairy tale mix with the bachelors and then the hunger games, but no one is really killing anyone, it is pretty entertaining.

These are some the books I read during the past year that I tough maybe ya’ll would like to read if you are all into zombies and fantasies like me, I read about ten others but this all the ones that I enjoyed the most.


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25 things about me

  1. I’m loud. I can’t even whisper a secret to your ear because people across the room will hear it.
  2. I’m loyal to a fault. You can be my lover or you can be my friend I am always be loyal.
  3. I can be a big BICTH.
  4. I like getting my way and when I don’t I can be a big BITCH.
  5. I like greeting people by saying “Hello there governor”, in a reallllllyyy bad British accent.
  6. I get attached to people really fast when I see they are a good person. “You are a great friend” “But we just met 15 minutes ago” “Yes but I can see it, I feeeeeel it, you are great!”
  7. I loveeeee chicken.
  8. I loveeeeeee pizza.
  9. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, moved to the US when I was 18.
  10. Lived 8 years in Miami.
  11. Currently living in New Orleans.
  12. I have no friends in the city I live, zero, nada, no one friend.
  13. I am OK with point 11.
  14. I love wine.
  15. I hate dance clubs, discos, or whatever you want to call them.
  16. I like going to brunch because it makes me feel fancy as hell.
  17. I loveeeeeeee The Walking Dead.
  18. I read all the Twilling books, and Divergent, and The Host, and a lot of zombie books.
  19. I like Marvel movies, and I have a poster hanging in my room.
  20. I like monkeys.
  21. When I am stress I like taking photos of the city.
  22. I cry watching YouTube videos or sad commercials.
  23. I don’t like hugging or kissing people.
  24. I can watch The Big Bang Theory reruns all day long.
  25. I’m always on my phone, doing nothing.

21 things I learned after I moved to New Orleans

I have almost a year in this wonderful city, you heard that ALMOST A YEAR, I’ve made it, I’ve manage not to run away from love!! And in celebration of me not having an overall break down here are somethings I had to learn after moving to New Orleans.

  1.  It’s pronounced “New OAR-linz”, all though I can hear the difference my thick hispanic accent wont let me pronounce it this way.
  2. Bourbon Street it’s full of tourist that don’t know how to act and it smells like piss, locals take it to Frenchmen Street.
  3. OMG is Tuesday, lets party!! There is always a reason to get together eat and drink.
  4. Mardi Gras or carnival is a month-long event.
  5. It rains on Monday, your car windows will be frozen on Tuesday, and you’re likely to die of heat exposure on Wednesday.
  6. Good driving skills aren’t that necessary, as long as you are able to get from point A to point B in one piece you’re good.
  7. Normal food portions aren’t necessary neither; if it fits on the plate then you’re good.
  8. You’ll get confused and think someone is from Brooklyn, when in fact they were born and raised in New Orleans based on their accent.
  9. Beads are not meant to be purchased, beads are meant to be caught.
  10. We don’t leave our house before 11 pm if we are going out.
  11. Living next to a cemetery where all graves are above ground is not as scary as it sounds.
  12. You won’t be killed just by stepping outside; yes there is crime in Nola, but life here is not like a bad action movie.
  13. Time to leave the bar and you haven’t finish your drink, do not worry TO GO cups and drinking on the streets is allowed.
  14. Do not show your boobs during Mardi Gras, DO try to get as many beads as you can in a decent way.
  15. People will smile and talk to you at random times in random places, don’t be scared just smile back and chat for a little.
  16. If you are not into football or are not a Saints fan you better get used to hearing WHO DAT being yell out at random times.
  17. People take pride on their costumes for carnival or Halloween, you won’t go to a Halloween party when no one dresses up or costumes are lame, there are months, maybe years of preparation for this day.
  18. A Po-Boy is a sub sandwich; I had to ask what it was when I first moved.
  19. Voodoo is as normal as fried chicken.
  20. It is a parish not a county, yes I was confused too.
  21. New Orleanians are proud of their city, they love it and will always represent!!!

I hope these come in handy if you ever visit or move here, feel free to like, comment or share!!