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I call the most wonderful city in the world home,

The place where history is part id daily life, through culture, food or architecture,

Where dead is received by dancing down the street in a second line celebrating  life,

Where music runs through people’s souls and happiness is just a normal stay of being

I call New Orleans home.



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Welcome to Miami

I finally took the time to clean out and select the photos I liked the most from my Miami trip, although I was in Miami for 15 days I am sorry to say that I do not have that many photos to show you guys, I know disappointing, but me going to Miami was not a really a vacation, I was more of a coming back come and I had shit to do.

I spent most of time there driving my grandma around and running errands for my uncle, I did stop from time to time to snap something good to show you guys, I mean I only went to the beach once, so I think I did great for the little time I actually had for myself.

The fact that I don’t have great photos to show you guys should let you know my trip was a complete success, I got to see my family and friends, I met my 1-year-old niece for the first time and I got to catch up with life, to remind me that moving away was a good decision. I love Miami, Miami is and will always be home, but sometimes you have to leave home to be happy.

Anyways I am rambling, here are the the few shots I liked, hope you enjoy them!!!

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What’s your special place?

I know by now ya’ll most be sick and tired of hearing me talk about how much I love  New Orleans, but I am like a kid, I can’t stop talking about what makes me happy. Today as I scrolled down my reader page I found this post The Draw of the Moor , the writer talks about his favorite place back home and how much he loves it there, go read it for details, he ends the post by asking “What’s your special place?”

Canal Street
Canal Street

For some it is hard to understand the concept of a place making you happy or feel at peace. I was one of those before, I used to believe that it was impossible for place to be so special for someone to develop actual feelings of love or happiness just by going and standing there, and then i moved to New Orleans and everything change.

It hit me out of the nowhere, one day while I was walking around the French Quarters with my best friend aka my camera, I love this city!! I am happy here, I feel complete, even when all my friends and family are still back home in Miami, even when I was not born in city or this country, this is home and this is where I belong.

There’s nothing I love the most than walking around the city, people watching and taking photos, I love the people, I love the couture, I love the food, I love the smells (if you are in Bourbon it smells like pee but you grow to like it, or it might just be me).

It is true when they say home is where the heart is, my heart belongs to Nola.

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In the spirit of inspiring others and keep the fun going on, why don’t you too answer the question; What’s your special place?

Look at that m..f.. truck

I found my home
I found my home

So as I took one of my walks down the Quarters (I don’t think I’ll get tired of this walks  like ever), I saw this truck just parked across the French Market and I turned to my friend and say “Look at the mother fucking truck, tell me where else in the world you are going to find a place like New Orleans, where people turn even the simplest things into works of art, moving works of art in this case”, my friend laughed and said “I am guessing you are not moving back to Miami anymore”.

I did not answer back to his comment right away and just laughed it off , but he was right I am not moving back, don’t get me wrong I love Miami, my friends and family are in Miami, and there is great art in Miami too, but I am at the moment in love with New Orleans, I feel that the way people express themselves here and the way they life their lives it’s what fits me and who I am, so with this thought I snapped a photo of the truck while saying to him with a smile in my face “I think I might have found my home”.

The photo was taken with my Nikon D3100 and edited using PicMonkey

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I was not able to post anything today and that sucks!!!

Normally I post two or three times a day and browse my Reader page reading and liking y’all stuff, all this thanks to the fact that my job has not blocked WordPress for us (yet) and I also sit in the ER for 8 hours doing pretty much nothing, so I am able to type my life away and then share it with y’all. But today was my day off, which means I had to be a grown up and run errands and all that type of boring shit grown ups do, you know buy groceries, try not to kill the woman in front of you at the ten items of less line for having 20 items and trying to pay with check, like really who the fuck uses checks now days?? Normal grown up stuff.

Anyways, one thing I was able to do while stuck in traffic for, I shit you not, two hours!!!! was take a few snaps of the CCC bridge from different angles as I crossed it. It is the same bridge in the photos I submitted for my Photo 101: Landmark post.

Hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to comment, like and share. I will be back tomorrow as my regular self, have a great night.


Photo 101: Home

I started in the blogging world way to late to go day by day with the Photography 101 challenge, so I have decided to start-up by myself and upload photos for all the past challenges.

The very first one is to find a photo that expresses what home is to us. When I first saw the description for the challenge this was the first photo that came into my mind. I am from the Dominican Republic and I lived 8 years in Miami so it makes sense why the beach is home for me.

South Beach
South Beach

I took this photo in Miami Beach on my last trip for my birthday this past August, the girl on the picture is one of my closest friends, she had no idea I was taking pictures of her , which I think makes it better.

The shot combines two elements that make me feel at home the beach and my friends, it is one of my favorite photos.