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It’s Christmas time and I like lists.

This is going to sound wrong in so many ways but I am going  to say it any ways, it is not because I don’t believe in the reason for the season, but I really love Christmas for a few things and none of them have to do with religion, please don’t tell my grandma I said that.

So here is a list of reason I love Christmas:

  1. Everybody seems to be fucking happy, even on Mondays.
  2. Shit gets fancy real fast real quick (this is my way of saying that everything done during the holidays tends to be a little more extravagant).
  3. Party over here, party over there, parties everywhere!!!!
  4. 90% of homes are decorated and they look so damn beautiful, some of them could bring tears to your eyes.
  5. Food, this one needs not explanation.
  6. The weather is fabulous (this might just count as a good thing for us southerners)
  7. Drinking your way to the ER it’s more acceptable, its the holidays so fuck it I’ll drink a whole bottle of tequila.
  8. Free shit!!! Gifts, food, kisses from random people (hey we were under the mistletoe!!)
  9. The number of excuses for dressing up, wearing heels and going all out with your make up skills triples.
  10. SHOPPING!!!!!

Bonus point

11. FOOD (yes it is that good!!!)


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Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve or for my Hispanic people Noche Buena, also is the day in which us Hispanics eat and drink like the world is going to end tomorrow and we better take advantage of the good stuff before is too late. 

Normally I would be home pretending to help my grandma with the cooking while actually drinking all her coquito and eating the yuca empanadas as the come out of the pan. Then at night-time I would get all dressed up and pretty not to leave my house but to wait for my many relatives to come so me can get the party started, we would eat, drink and dance and sing happy birthday to Jesus exactly at 12 am.  This year is the first time in 26 years on my life that I’m not home for the festivities and although I am sad I know it is how it’s supposed to be and maybe it would be different next year. I am happy and I don’t feel alone, I feel like life has given me an opportunity to learn, work on myself and to appreciate my family.

I hope your Christmas is full of love, laughter and annoying family members that you only see once a year. Have a great Noche Buena and a wonderful Christmas!!!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Here’s a shot I took at a random hotel lobby, I liked their tree so i took a photo, hope you like it!!

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Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!!

Photo 101: Bliss

For the next assignment we are to express bliss with a picture. They also define bliss as complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven. So I chose this shot because it was one of my happiest moments.

This is the Ice Rink at the Rockefeller Center in New York during Christmas. I took this photo last year with my iphone. It was my first time in New York in Christmas time it was an amazing experience,I was so happy just watching the people come and go.

Christmas in NY
Ice Rink at The Rockefeller Center, New York

I believe everyone should visit this city during Christmas at least once, you wont regret it, the city just has a different air to it.

I know the point of the project is to get us out there taking pictures and I’ve instead been digging in my floders for them, but I am actually enjoying myself doing this, Ive found pictures I did not remenber had and I am looking at them differently now.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Feel free to like, comment and share!!!


It’s Officially Christmas Time!!!!!!!

Bring out the lights, the coquito and the pasteles, and if you are not Hispanic whatever it is you do, because it is officially Christmas time!!!!! While a lot of people start celebrating waaaayy before Thanksgiving , I think it is disrespectful, I mean let the turkey have its danm day, so I respectfully wait exactly a day after to get my drums out and start singing Feliz Navidad!!!

This morning on my way to work I got my Pandora Christmas station officially back in session and I couldn’t be happier!!! Then I get to my desk and more music. If I could decorate my work space the amount of Santas and fake snow in this place would be ridiculous.

Because I LOVE CHRISTMAS !!!! I enjoy family coming together, great amounts of food (specially the dishes that just come around during the holidays), the weather is nicer (for those of us that life in the south), everyone is just over all in a better mood, all that and you get to shop like there is no tomorrow, because everything on sale during this time of the year is just better!!!!!

And for those of you who celebrate different holiday I hope your experience is as wonderful as Christmas is for me!! Have a very happy Holiday Season everyone, enjoy your families and friends and feel the love!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!! Felices Fiestas!!!!!