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My first post!!!!

This is my first blog entry ya’ll!!! And I am really excited about it, all though I don’t expect to have millions of followers or to become the new blog “IT” person, I am excited to have my ideas out there, mostly because at time I have so many of them that my brain gets crowded and it drives me crazy and my not medically diagnose ADD kicks in and my attention span goes all the way to zero, but all so because I’ve realized that I don’t have to keep my ideas and thoughts all to myself!!! And what it is even more wonderful is that they are people out there that think like me, people that can relate to me and I can relate to them, we can share our ideas and opinions and help each other grow. And of course the people that don’t agree with me and can show me a different point of view (blah blah blah).

So to start I am going to tell you guys a little about me, my name is Soranny, and everyone calls me Sory, friends and family call me Sora, if you are not friends or family it creeps me out if you call me Sora so don’t do it J . I have a weird obsession with pretend monkeys, when I say pretend I mean dolls and stuff like that. I am 26 years old but I can read a young adult book in a matter of 3 days, no shame. I did went to college and graduated but I have no profession. I enjoy taking pictures, so you are going to see some of them being posted here. And there is a lot more information but we you guys are going to have to wait until I publish my autobiography to know them.

I will try to write only about positive or neutral subjects, but I cannot promise you I won’t go on a rant at least once, I mean we all need to air something out every once in a while don’t we? I know you might be thinking, why does she wants to write a blog if she only wants to be positive and neutral? Well the reason behind this is I think we, the human race, need a little less negativity. I also think we need to stop thinking in a us vs them way and just find a common ground where we all are the same. Also we need an escape from the formalities of the world we live in. So I would try to stay away from things like politics and religion. Notice though that I said TRY, and not WILL, so if at any moment I post something like that and my point of view offends you I apologies in advance, but I am not sorry if I do, if that makes any sense.

Well all I have left to say is I hope you like what I have to say and I love forward to share with you guys, I also look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback. Let’s have a great time together.