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What a long day it was.

This past friday my first official Friday afternoon off, since the holidays off do not really count, and although a lot went wrong, at the end if was a great day. Let me tell you how my afternoon went.

I got off work at 3 pm, which  is unusually early, normally they like to keep me there until what it feels like the end of times, I was as happy as a bee, I went home and finished unpacking my clothes, since I had moved days ago and I was still pulling clothes out of a suitcase, and knowing me if I didn’t do it I would be pulling clothes out of a suitcase 3 months later.

I finished unpacking and at this point my roommate says she is hungry, I said well I can go get something to eat with you then you go to work and I go shooting around the city, it was a plan, we took showers got ready and left the house walking, we are not two blocks away when she says she forgot her wallet, I said let’s go back and get it and I can drive instead of walking, that way you wont be late for work. So we went back for her wallet and jumped in my car, we made it down to Felipe’s (yummy Mexican food for the win) in no time, like always parking in the City of New Orleans is a pain in the ass, literally your butt cheeks would fall sleep as you drive around and around trying to find a parking space, so when we found an open space right next to the restaurant we didn’t think twice, we had hit the jackpot and we were happy about it.

We go inside, she goes for the food, I go for the drinks (of course I go for the drinks), as we sat at the table, margaritas in hand, I see bright flashing lights out side the window, right were I parked my car, bright yellow tow truck lights, and I take off running, ” I am here, I am here” I scream as I run out of the restaurant ” Oh my God, I am so fucked, I am here”, I was too late, the tow lady already has my car hocked and ready to go, I try to talked her out of taking my car, I tried crying (I think that only works on guys though), I tried explaining to her that I misread the sight ( which to my defense was really confusing), she said there’s nothing she can do after the car is hocked and that I need to pick it up at such and such address, and that if I grab a taxi from the Quarters they would know exactly where to go, I am guessing because they’ve taken a bunch of other mes there. At this point there’s nothing I can do so I decided to walk my friend to work and finish my drink, and request a Uber.

I get in the Uber and as we both say hello we notice our accents match so we immediately start speaking Spanish, he told me I could sit in the front and I explain to him my situation and where I was going, he tells me he is not too sure of where the location is but that we would find it together, I am already liking this ride is all about team work, even when I am going to be paying him at the end of the ride, we talk about out back grown and how he is an accountant, great now I have someone to do my taxes too, we get to the place and is dark and scary under the highway, he tells me how ask if is here and I’ll wait here to make sure you are safe and in the correct place, awwwwww total estrange making sure I am ok, faith in humanity restored. I walk in ask if I am in the correct place and if my car is there, they say yes, I stick my head out the door and I wave the Uber goodbye, he waves back and takes off.

Well this was easy I though, I go to the counter ready to pay my dues and drive off into de night, and then the guy on the other side of the glass asked me for my registration, hahahaha my what you said? ” Your registration” he repeats, I stare at him and started crying, as I search in the pile of papers I pulled out my car, and I don’t see my registration, he looks at me like “the fuck is wrong with this girl” as I tel him, tears (real this time) rolling down my eyes that I don’t have it, he says that he would accept the title of the car instead, but I don’t have neither, he looks at me and says “go get it”, I look at him and say “But I don’t have a car!”.

At this point I just gave up hope, because all this documents are at my mother’s house, my mother whom was oppose to me moving out, my mother whom if I show up out of the nowhere looking for papers and not in my car is going to start questioning me, and I am a terrible lair. Also the more money I spend on Ubers the less I have available to pay fo the actual ticket to get my damn car! So there I was staring at this stranger on the other side of the glass, face wet, eyes turning red, thinking “She won, and I’ve only been out the house for a week”, but I have no other option I have to go get the documents, so I requested yet and other Uber and I told the tow center guy I’ll be back.

I get into my 2nd over of the night, I would him the address and that asked him if he could wait for me, he says yeah and we set off, destination my mother’s house. We start talking, he tells me he is from the Philippines and I tell him I was surprise to learn a lot of people from his country have “spanish” last names, he explains to me they used to be a Spanian colony as well, and how some people even speak spanish over there, this Uber ride turns out to be super educational. We pull up to my mothers, I tell him give me a sec and walk into the house.

“Hi mom!”

“Hi. what you doing here?”

*panic, I didn’t think of a lie on the car ride here*

“I have to pick up some papers, I just noticed I didn’t have in my car”

*Intense questioning and live lessons about drinking “illegally”*

“Got them, love you mom, goodbye”

*Just run out of the house before is too late*




“I need you to come back on Monday help me out with some stuff”

“OK, see you Monday”

At this moment I actually ran out the house, and got in the Uber, back to the tow center it is, after a really deep conversation with my Uber driver about how different the educational system in our countries is from the US, and how sometimes we don’t feel comfortable expressing our point of views among Americans, I get dropped off back at the tow center, I walk in show off my tittle and my ID, pay $181.00, which now leaves me partially broke, and get my car.

While all this is happening, this guy I’ve been seen is texting me asking me to come have dinner with him, I said yes to drive all the way to his house, because he always drives to me, and its only fair, specially after he helped me move all my crap on his only day off, so once I got my car I set my GPS to his address, I’ve never been there before, and it shows approximate time 55 minutes, at this point I’m actually reconsidering this relationship, yes base on the driving distance, I am shallow like that, deal with it! The weather was disgusting (still is right now as I type this), the fog didn’t allow me to see much, and the road was slippery, I had to cross this extremely long bridge, and I couldn’t see, if any of you have seen the movie The Mist, this was exactly like that movie, so yes I was waiting for some creature to come and eat me at any moment.

As I drive I see less and less civilization, I leave all the shopping centers and properly lighten roads behind, I make a right turn and now I am in a little country road, with only one line in each direction, not lights and trees on each side, I am in the middle of the fucking woods, in the south and I am not white! * Please don’t let my car break down* *If I see people trying to stop me in the middle of the road I am running them over* *Is he a murder and he waited a whole month to kill* *Did I told my mom I loved her when I left the house*, this ran in my head while I was driving, at one point I actually stopped to make a U-turn, but I was only 5 minutes away and I honestly don’t know how I made it that far.

My phone rang, and my own right tone scared the life out of me, I actually farted when I heard it (yes, body the smell of the Mexican food I had earlier while win the fight against an ax murder, farting it what we should be doing), I answered the phone and he told me he was waiting for me outside so I wouldn’t miss the house (the house in woods and its pitch black, fuck yeah I missed it) and at this moment I actually asked him” Are you going to kill me and bury me in the woods?” , because yeah he is going to tell me that was his plan all along, while I was still in the car and I was able to just drive away, again I don’t know how I made it that far! I spot him in the middle of the road waving at me, he gets in the car I ask where do I par, he says anywhere, we go in the house, as he gets ready to go out, I am still thinking tonight is the night I die, and its going to be just like an episode of Criminal Minds, at least I’ll make a good story line. I am also thinking of how stupid I am, and I should never trust my survival instincts because they fucking suck, I literally put myself in what could have been a dangerous situation, and even with multiple opportunities to get out of if I didn’t!!!!

He gets ready, we go to dinner to the nearest town (30 minutes away from his house), I order a margarita, and question my survival instinct again as I stopped myself from drinking the whole thing, an hour or so later we ride back to his house so I can pick up my car and make the hour-long drive back home, I looked at the time and it is only 11 pm, damn a lot of shit has happened and it is still kind of early. I kissing him goodbye and drive away, I didn’t notice I didn’t have the radio on until I made it back to the city, because you know can’t concentrated on driving correctly and finding my way home if the radio is on. I walked in my house and looked back and everything that had happen, and I told myself I would make a good reality TV on how to be stupid,I looked at the clock and it was only 12:30 am, what a long day it was, and I went to sleep . For the up coming Friday afternoons I plan to stick to the original going for a coffee or taking photos plan.

I am going to need Friday’s off

If you follow my blog you should know by now that I don’t have a real posting schedule, I can go three weeks without posting a single thing or I can post ten times in one day.

I like to blame this on the fact that I have two jobs, and a rather normal social life, and by normal I mean I rush out of work to go get wasted at cheap bars with good friends once or twice a week, I am hoping this is normal, anyways I am deviating away from my point. The point is that, although I love to blame it on my lack of time, I am actually the only one responsible for me not being consistent and organized with my blog, and so many other aspect of my life.

So we that in mind I will, for the first time in my life (since I don’t believe in setting new years goals), will set a goal for this new year coming up, and it is to MAKE time for me, my writing and my photography once a week, I have changed my availability with my weekend job to always have Friday’s afternoons off, and I am in the process of picking a nice coffee shop in the city to hang at on those days. Now this not guaranty me posting more or just posting every Friday, this just guaranty me taking the time to go sit at a cafe, just me, my laptop and my camera, and while this Friday we might be taking photos, next we might be writing, you get the idea?

It is all part of me trying to improve my metal and over all health, I am one to believe I have shit under control and then when it hits the fan I go running back to therapy crying because I really didn’t have it under control, and although, therapy helps bring me back out of my I REALLY FUCKED UP THIS TIME crisis, I need to be more committed to improve on my own and to keep it that way.

I am hopping this helps my over all motivation and to be a good impact on me. Some would say I just finally decided to grow up, since I am a 27-year-old woman who doesn’t have her shit together, and by now all people my age definitely have life figure out, don’t they ?     ( Don’t let my sarcasm hit you in the face), others will support and be helping hands with this small but meaningful step towards me getting shit under control, anyways I’m rappelling again.

I have set only two goals for this new year, having Friday’s for me and budgeting better, I am so excited to start 2016, because yes 2015 was great to me, but it is time to walk into the future with an improved positive attitude!


What are some of your goals for this new year? Are you excited to get started?


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It is always good to have a beer with an old friend.

“A guy and a girl meet at a bar…

Guy: thank you for meeting me up, it’s been so long. I didn’t think you will accept my invite, it’s nice to see your face. I’ve missed you.

Girl: I missed you too, it is kind of weird to be sitting across from you after so much time.

Guy: It actually feels normal to me, like if the last time I saw you was yesterday and we can just continue where we left off.

Girl: I guess I get what you are saying, but the last time we saw each other wasn’t yesterday and we can’t just take on where we left off two years ago.

Guy: So I guess you are just going to jump to it right away, huh?

Girl: It wouldn’t be me if i didn’t, wouldn’t it?

They both share a small but genuine laugh….

Guy: It’s true it wouldn’t. I just wanted to see you, talk to you like we used to do before, drink a beer, talk none sense.

Girl: We could do that if I didn’t know that there is something more to it, a hidden motive for you to reach out to me. Probably something similar to when we first met.

Guy: I don’t need a hidden motive to talk to you!

Girl: You don’t, that is true, but you have one. And knowing you, you probably don’t even know what it is yourself.

Guy: Ha! You think you know me so well, don’t you?

Girl: I don’t actually, people change and it has been two years, but I know the person you were two years ago, would only reach out for me as a way to escape his reality.

Guy: That’s not true, I reached out before and I reach out again today because I care about you and I like knowing that you are ok, I like knowing about your life, talking to you was always good to me.

Girl: I never said you didn’t care, I am sure you did, and still do, but you cared because I gave you a break from your life, from your job, your kids, your wife…

He looks down, as if he was accepting what she was saying was true, there is a few seconds of silence. He starts talking, but she interrupts him

Girl: If you had cared as much as you say you did, we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it, you wouldn’t be divorce and running from a new relationship, you would have been divorce, but we would be sitting in our living room watching some movie you’ve probably forced me to watch.I would probably still be calling this place home instead of the place I come on vacations.

Guy: I’m sorry I didn’t..

Girl: It’s ok, it is not your fault, I didn’t plan to fall in love with you, I can’t blame you for not noticing it. I knew the rules of the game when I met you, I broke them you didn’t.

Guy: Maybe if you would have told me.

Girl: I didn’t think I had to, I though it was so obvious that I loved you, I though you could see it, haha I was so naive.

He can’t find words, they sit in silence once more.

Girl: In a way I am really thankful to you I must say.

Guy: What do you mean?

Girl: Well thanks to you breaking my heart I’ve grown so much, I live in a different city, I’ve met some new people, I’ve put myself out of my element…. I also know that I am worth much more, that I deserve to love and to be loved by someone who is proud of being with me, someone for whom I am his reality and not an escape from it.

Guy: I never wanted you to feel or think that…

Girl: It’s ok, I know you didn’t. And I don’t hate you… anymore.

They both laugh.

Guy: Thanks again for meeting up with me.

Girl: It is always good to have a drink with an old friend.”

This is my attempt at a short story, it is inspired on my life, although it is not real. I hope you guys like it and can in some level relate to it. It is 3:45 am and I can’t sleep so I though sharing what keeps me awake could help.

Like always all writing and photography is done by me, so if it doesn’t make sense, I speak no english and I can barely hold a camera lol.

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It’s Christmas time and I like lists.

This is going to sound wrong in so many ways but I am going  to say it any ways, it is not because I don’t believe in the reason for the season, but I really love Christmas for a few things and none of them have to do with religion, please don’t tell my grandma I said that.

So here is a list of reason I love Christmas:

  1. Everybody seems to be fucking happy, even on Mondays.
  2. Shit gets fancy real fast real quick (this is my way of saying that everything done during the holidays tends to be a little more extravagant).
  3. Party over here, party over there, parties everywhere!!!!
  4. 90% of homes are decorated and they look so damn beautiful, some of them could bring tears to your eyes.
  5. Food, this one needs not explanation.
  6. The weather is fabulous (this might just count as a good thing for us southerners)
  7. Drinking your way to the ER it’s more acceptable, its the holidays so fuck it I’ll drink a whole bottle of tequila.
  8. Free shit!!! Gifts, food, kisses from random people (hey we were under the mistletoe!!)
  9. The number of excuses for dressing up, wearing heels and going all out with your make up skills triples.
  10. SHOPPING!!!!!

Bonus point

11. FOOD (yes it is that good!!!)


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Staring at my screen

I have ideas, lots of them, they are in my head moving around, one comes forward then leaves just to be replaced by an other one, but I find myself sitting in front of my computer just staring at my screen unable to type, unable to form the words that would make this ideas make sense to others. So I shall stare until my ideas find the way out of my mind and to you.





Happy Birthday to me… kind of

So today I woke up to a little notification saying happy Anniversary from WordPress and I am like WTF!!!? Has it been a year already?! But if I can’t trust a computer to keep track of days for me then I cannot trust no one!

I remember debating if I should start a blog or no , wondering if I was going to have the time for posts, wondering if anyone would read my non senses!! And them I was like FUCK IT here I go. One year later here I am still posting, seldom but I still do, and great people telling me they like what I do!

I couldn’t be any happier that I decided to start this wonderful journey that has allowed me express myself and connect with others all at the same time. Thank you to everyone that has come along for the journey and you’re welcome to the ones that have help me by inspire me to do more.

To celebrate here are links to my favorite posts of the past year and some of my favorite photos as well. Hope that you guys enjoy them and I look forward to bringing y’all more.



Waiting for a letter

The reading man


Take a seat

Audubon Zoo New Orleans

Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial


Wrap it up! Photo 101

I’m just learning as I go

My Best Friend

My First Post

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We all have an opinion

Of course I have an opinion on about every single relevant, complicated or sensitive topic (religion, politics, life style and choices, etc) but 98% of the time I keep them to myself, and I know that the fact that I choose to talk about insignificant or “dumb” things might make me look, to some people, as an undereducated ignorant person, that is not cultured enough to handle a talk on a serious topic, but the truth is I rather to seem less knowledgeable at times, but why you might ask?
Well for starters I avoid disagreements, very few people are able to have a dialogue in a civil matter when they are standing at opposite sides of the subject, and although in theory I respect everyone’s opinion I am an emotional human being, so I know not to engage in some situations when my emotions could get the best of me, it’s called self-awareness. I am not saying that I am going to get heated during every debate I come across in my life, what I am saying is that I am aware of the fact that I do not poses the ability to keep it cool sometimes, specially when someone is standing at the opposite side of my point of view. So I rather agreed with everyone that pizza is greatness, over disagree with someone on the fact that Islam as a religion is not the cause of what happened two days ago.
And the number one reason I rather update my FB status to “today I farted and it smelled so bad” over “I support gay marriage”, I give us, myself and those around me, a break. I give us the opportunity to laugh for a few minutes on how un-lady like I could be, rather than starting an hours long argument on how we disagree. I prefer to bring you two minutes of laughs than two hours of endless back and forward, because we, as humans, won’t change our minds, accept or agree with someone else’s opinions easily. It is easy to say respect others opinion, but for most it does not come as easily to actually respect them in a civil way.
So don’t believe me ignorant or unaware about the fact that our world it’s going to crap, I am totally aware of that, but since we are going to crap why not have a laugh or two on our way down!?

The mail is here

Have you ever ordered something online and then sat by the door  and waited for it to arrive? Well it feels the same when someone tells you they sent you something in the mail. So when Robert messaged me and told me something was on its way I pulled out my waiting chair and sat by the door, he did say it was getting to me on Friday, that didn’t stop me.

You can imagine my excitement when I got home Friday after a long day at work ( and an even longer hour of me being stuck in traffic) and found a package waiting for me, I tried to open it right away, purse and cars keys in hand still, my mom had to tell me to put somethings down if I wanted to get it open any time soon. When I finally got it open, after what it felt like the biggest fight of my life against plastic wrapper and tape (you did great job with the packing Robert!), I was so happy and surprised to find out what was inside.

Lets connect
Let’s connect

Not to long ago I posted a little short story about how we never get letters in the mail anymore, unless we are talking about them bills that drive us all crazy, so when I opened it and found a letter and some CDs you know I went crazy happy, I mean talk about taking it all the way back to 1999, I don’t even own a CD player anymore I had to go seat in my car after dinner to listen to them, and the fact that he took the time to pick up a pen and hand write a letter for me! It is one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me, so thank you Robert, I really appreciated.

You guys probably remember Robert from my collaboration post Bridges and if you do then you know that he likes to incorporate music to his post, so today I am going to follow his steps and add a video of my favorite track so far of the ones he sent me, it only seems fair to do so. And although he told me to start with an other album this has been the one playing in my car all day, hope you guys enjoy this song as much as I am, jamming to it right now, this is a live version.

Now Im finishing this to go out take some photos, thanks for the inspiration and the love!

Here’s to my first post with music, good friends, great gifts and lots of talent to share!

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Broke, tired and no health insurance.

So I’ve been wanting to make this whole post about how wonderful Halloween is in New Orleans, and when I say wonderful I am not exaggerating, but I have been so busy working seven days a week and being unable to sleep due to an extreme back pain, thanks to my part-time job as a hostess while in between jobs, long story short I haven’t been able to go out to take photos that prove how extremely into this holiday this city is and working in the service industry is exhausting.

At 27 I have never worked in the service industry before, nor retail, a lot of people, in this city specially, find this to be odd since the majority of people my age have at least once worked in something like that while in high school or college, but my first job ever after moving to this country at 18 was as front desk for a real stated company, and from there I managed to get trapped in the clerical medical field, yes I said trapped, it is like once you get into this area you can’t ever leave, you just moved from hospital to hospital and somehow end up working with the same people you were working two hospitals ago because they too are just moving around.

So when I got fed up (with all good reasons to leave the place by saying “Fuck this place” as I walked out middle fingers to the air) with the last hospital I worked at,  I said to myself let’s try something different something I have never done before and that’s how I ended up as a hostess in a chain restaurant. And now all I have to say it’s I am tired, broke and I have no health insurance, so thanks heavens I am starting at an other hospital this coming Monday.

Being a hostess is not as easy as it looks, all day standing up, dealing with customers that don’t give a shit about the fact that you are a human being (today an 60 something year old man tried to basically rob me, they don’t care), getting no many tips, being paid minimum wage, and oh lord the back!!! I can’t even imagine what servers are going through.

This little time in a different area has shown me something though, to respect and thank everyone that offers me a service, because, yes it is their job and they choose it, but they are working hard and trying their best to provide us with a good experience, even the ones that look like they don’t want to be there at times,if we are paying for the service that means we are too fucking lazy to do it ourselves to start with and if we pissed off everyone to change careers from the service industry we are going to be fucked having to do things for ourselves ( I personally will probably starve to death). So tip your hostess, servers, bell boys, etc etc correctly and say thank you and smile, this will make yours and our ( haha yasss I am one of them now) interactions much better.

Anyways I’ll try to go take some photos and have a Halloween post for this weekend, because I really want to show y’all how cool this weekend is in the city, but I can’t make any promises because mama is tired.

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I always want to post something when the @Instagram #WHP comes around but I seldom do, this weekend the project was to capture out-of-this-world moments by staging them or just by looking around for naturally occurring moments, one of the reasons why I never really post for the project is because I forget to look around for those moments, but today the moment came to me, and what an idiot would I have been if I didn’t capture it? The moment came with a photo and with a story, and I want to share them both with you.

The Chasing of the Princess
The Chasing of the Princess

“There I was walking around City Park when out of the nowhere Snow White passed me walking fast like she was late for something really important, well this is odd I though, but I took my phone out and snapped a photo, it’s not everyday you see a princess running late for a ball, the photo was far and a little blurry, I needed a better one, and that’s how I found myself chasing the princess like Alice chased the White Rabbit down the hole to Wonderland.

I tried to keep up with her, but the Princess was in a rush, I tried calling her name but she couldn’t hear me, she was really in a rush, and I was curious as for why. So I followed her, up and down, across a bridge, passed some bushes and behind the trees. She finally came to little park, there where lots of fun games, there also where other princesses playing around, they were having a party by the carousel, I saw Cinderella and Princess Jasmine, Tiana and Merida were also there, they all had on nice dresses and beautiful tiaras, they were having a blast, I stuck around for a little and watch them have play, oh what a wonderful moment it was. ”

How funny the coincidence that this weekend project was to make-believe and I ended up having my own Alice in Wonderland moment? All I can say is that today was a good day!

Happy Sunday y’all !!!!

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