I call the most wonderful city in the world home,

The place where history is part id daily life, through culture, food or architecture,

Where dead is received by dancing down the street in a second line celebrating  life,

Where music runs through people’s souls and happiness is just a normal stay of being

I call New Orleans home.



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5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. First, that is an awesome, awesome photo! That sky color is unreal, and you positioned yourself perfectly to take this one. This might be one of my favorites of yours. I think that makes about 763 of those now! But I also like the sentiment behind what you say. Bold, Real, True. Just like Soranny 🙂

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    1. You know what is funny about this photo? 2 things first this was taken with my phone, and 2nd the phone died right after so I did not know I had a good shot until probably 5 hours later when I got home. I’t was just pure luck, the streets of the Quarters are never this empty and my phone has never been this good to me. Thanks for all the love as always!! You are responsible for this post really!

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      1. Doesn’t matter what you took it on…its a great shot! But yes, that frequently happens to me. Or I’m outside all day and with the glare you can never quite see how the shot came out. You’re welcome…but its still your words and your photo, I just like to nudge your talent along!

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