Everything is a photograph

Have you ever found yourself deep in thought wondering if others see the world the same way you do? I for example see the world through my imaginary camera lens, I say imaginary because lots of time I don’t even have my camera with me. I often find myself driving or walking down the street, looking at a scene and seeing a photograph, some times I can  even see how it would look  in print in my hands. I even add human subjects, in wonderful and wardrobe, and I can block out everything surrounding the main image, I only see the possible photograph. This is one of the main reasons I carry my camera with me almost all the time, because I don’t want to see a photo and not be able to capture it.

So I wonder if other photographers see the world the same way as me. And if you are a song writer is everything a song? How do you see the world?
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2 thoughts on “Everything is a photograph”

  1. First, its really great to see you back on your game-great photos, and wonderful ideas for your posts. I too carry my camera most days because I’m always afraid of missing out. I have this weird sense of looking…things like our beloved bridges, buildings and transportation feel connected to me. I think I am drawn to them because if I don’t take those types of photos they will stay locked away. I’m reading a book about the sculptor Isamu Noguchi now and in his stone sculptures he had a deep connection with them, and what he carved had deep connections. So when I take a bridge photo it isn’t just me taking a photo of a bridge, I think its a deeper connection. Excellent question!

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    1. Thank you!!! I am trying to go back to the place I was when I first moved to Nola, so little by little I hope to be more active here. My camera is definitely my best friend I take it almost everywhere… only really leave it behind if I am drinking lol

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