Dot in the distance

I miss the days when picking up my camera and walking down the Quarters came so easy to me it felt like breathing. It seems like it was just yesterday the last time I walked out mu house just me and my best friend, well it kind of was just yesterday, if yesterday if a day was a year.

This past year has been so challenging and exhausting for me that even picking up my camera became hard, so she lays in the back of my closet in a bag picking up dust and buried under piles of other projects.

And although I can see the light at the end of this very dark year-long tunnel, it is still so far it is just a little dot in the distance, the dot gives me hope and forces me to walk even faster to reach the other side, maybe once I am out my camera and keyboard wont feel as heavy as they do now,  and I can enjoy the simple act of taking a photo or writing a post.



6 thoughts on “Dot in the distance”

  1. And I’ll be right here anxiously awaiting your amazing talent when you do. I’m sorry its been so hard. 2016 was terrible on so many levels. I’m trying to make sure this year is better on a personal level, but I know how it feels when you have motivation. I’ll just say that from that first time in Community Pool when I saw your work I knew I saw the work of a very talented person. Let it flow when you are ready!


  2. Odd! I thought I had left a comment. Anyway, 2016 was rough on so many levels but I’m waiting for that dot to become something bigger! You know how I feel about your photography, right from the very first time I saw it!


      1. I hear you. Its not starting out great because of Orange Man but I’m hoping personally and professionally that 2017 is a good one. I’m planning on working on a book this year 🙂


      2. I have 99 problems and at least 3 of them is Orange Man and his supporters 😂😂😂 But I also have hope for this year to be better, specially with this family situation I’ve been dealing with coming to an end soon… hopefully Ill be more myself . Thanks for your support always!

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