Two years later

Today I opened my WordPress account to a surprising reminder, today two years ago I registered my account, so I had the “Happy Anniversary” orange bubble waiting for me. I had completely forgotten about this, not like I keep track anyways, but seen the reminder made me think of how little attention I’ve been paying to this little piece of me. I haven’t been posting at all lately and I sign in once in a blue moon to check on the amazing bloggers I follow, because even when I am not working I don’t want to miss out on their work.

Seeing  the notification reminded me not only of the anniversary but the reason why I decided to create the blog two years ago, I wanted to share my happiness, my love for New Orleans, photography and life with the world. I wanted others that might think like me to have someone to relate to, I was also happy and in one of the best places I’ve ever been in life, but somewhere along the way I lost my happiness and with it my motivation to write and share with the word. I can’t tell where or why it happened, I can only tell that the spark it’s not there anymore, and it saddens me, but some how I am not able to get over this never-ending writers block. I am literally forcing myself to write this right now.

I am, in a very millennial way of speaking, OVER IT. The orange bubble will not be a reminder of how I lost track, but instead a reminder for me to force myself to get out of these endless blues, because if I let it completely take over I probably won’t be able to get out. This not only relate to my blog, but to life in general, I need to get back in track with everything, my health, my mental state, my blog and photography, I am not saying I will be back to where I was when I decided to start two years ago right away, but I am going to take steps to get there. If I’ve done it once before I can do it once more, it is an ongoing war with myself and the positive say of me will win.

Happy Anniversary to me!





5 thoughts on “Two years later”

  1. Happy Anniversary! You should celebrate not just the blog itself, but two years of creativity. You know that even when you use your phone to snap a pic you are still a very talented photographer. Don’t deny it! I’ve been lost with my writing but I will say that clarity, and shaking ones routine does wonders for creativity! So do what you need to and celebrate two years of wanting to share your talents. If nothing else, just post photos here and watch the praise come in! You know how I feel about your talent. You know how I feel about you as a person. I’m so honored to have worked with you more than once. You are a unique and talented person. I’m happy to call you my friend! Never Stop Moving!!! Congratulations!!


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