Bayou St. John 

It is amazing how the city can disappear around you, if you just concentrate on the trees, the ducks that are starting to migrate to the warmer weather and the breeze touching your skin, the cars, the buildings,the noises of city life banishing away, it’s just you and your thoughts for a moment, until is just you and the earth and nothing else, and nothing matters and you are free, and in that moment you feel nothing but complete pure happiness.

3 thoughts on “Bayou St. John ”

  1. So well put Soranny. There are moments where I loathe being in the city. Crowded subways, noise, dirt, rude people. Then those magical moments happen when as you say, its just me and my thoughts, and it usually happens in the most simple way. And I do indeed feel nothing but happiness. When we moved to Queens last year our new place has a small balcony. It would not be special to a lot of people I’m sure, but it sure is special to me! What an awesome post-share it on Cafe Blog for everyone to see!


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