Happy Mardi Gras

It is Mardi Gras season and I am loving it! Although the season started on Jan 6 this weekend marks the beginning of the major festivities and it also happen to be the weekend one of my closets friends (we call each other cousins) came to visit! So as you can guess was beyond happy! I was unable to take Saturday and Sunday off from work, but I was lucky to get Thursday and Friday and spend it with her and her boyfriend, and it was a weird, crazy, wonderful weekend.

Let me tell you a little about how the last few days have been, it all started on Wednesday when I went for a drink with my roommate. I’m sitting at the bar drinking my Abita, when I awkwardly locked eyes with the man sitting two stools from me, it was so awkward we had no other option but to say hi to each other, that hi turned into a conversation and that conversation ended with me telling this stranger and his friend “my cousin is coming from Miami tomorrow, ya’ll should join us for brunch” and exchanging numbers.

The next day I pick up my cousin from the airport and head to Mid City for brunch, not to long after we sat down at our table I look to the door and TADA!!!, the strangers from the bar had made it to brunch! We ate, we drank, we talked, it was great! We meet the owner of the restaurant and all!! After brunch we took the streetcar back to the Quater’s for more day drinking, window shopping and  Nola exploring, followed by a  well deserved nap, and then came the night and more drinking, bar hopping and bead catching on Bourbon Street.

The next day we wake up go for lunch, which was delicious, and hit the WWII museum (photos coming soon!), the strangers from last night hit us up again asking what was the plan for the night, after having some yummy coffee and macaroons at SUCRE, and catching a parade on St. Charles St. we head back to Frenchmen St in the Quarter’s for more partying, somehow we ended up on a balcony on Bourbon, without having to pay anything, asking all the people down in the street to show us their boobs for beads, this is not only illegal, but as New Orleanean now I find it to be annoying, but I am partying with a group of tourist so I let them get as many boobies as they can.

Some how I forgot I worked at 7 am the next day, so there I was 3:30 am asking if anyone wanted to go get some wings with me, some how I made it home for a nap before a 12 hours shift. While I was at work my cousin and the strangers went once more to brunch and exploring, before they left back to Tennessee.  I met up with them both Saturday and Sunday after work for dinner and drinks, all after working 12 hours each day, which puts my number of hours slept since Wednesday at about 30 in total. My weekend ended with me taking these photos with a random stranger at a bar Monday at 4 am!

Now is back to normal and to boring, but I am so happy this weekend when the way it did, this is a story I can now add to my book of crazy things I’ve done, like that one time me and my cousins got in the wrong car because it look like ours.

What crazy stories  do  you have?

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3 thoughts on “Happy Mardi Gras”

  1. Crazy stories…man do I have a few. Some unprintable, some hazy…some embarrassing! You’ll have to ask me for them in private someday lol. One that comes to mind was a number of years ago and like you, it involved lots of drinks, a late night…and work the next day. I don’t really recall much of the specifics past a certain hour, but it started off as a quiet drink on a weeknight. Somehow that led to a subway ride to a different part of the city and some late night music (and of course more drinks!). Which led to another subway ride home. At which point hunger seeped in which led to coffee and a burger at a diner at something like 3am, which would have left me about 5 hours before I had to be at work. Sooooo….I wound up enjoying the food, crashed for about 3 hours before drinking about a gallon of water and a half a gallon of coffee. Somehow I made it through that day before collapsing on my bed and sleeping straight through until the next morning without dinner. Ah…happy times! lol

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    1. Sorry It took me soooooo long to see this, you know me on day I’m here the next I don’t know.. lol.. Those nights are the best, I used to do that a lot when I was younger but now I make sure I am not working the next day or I wont make it in..

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