Staring at my screen

I have ideas, lots of them, they are in my head moving around, one comes forward then leaves just to be replaced by an other one, but I find myself sitting in front of my computer just staring at my screen unable to type, unable to form the words that would make this ideas make sense to others. So I shall stare until my ideas find the way out of my mind and to you.





5 thoughts on “Staring at my screen”

  1. I know this feeling all to well my friend. I feel lucky I got that blog out last week because for the first time in awhile my little notebook of ideas is empty, other than one I am saving for my anniversary next month. I just need some quiet time to have the ideas flow on their own without forcing them to. But if staring at the screen works for you, go for it! πŸ™‚

    PS, if it helps, I have ideas for you based on some of the photos I saw from you recently!

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      1. On Instagram recently you had a photo with a caption about time standing still. Also had one with a trolley and a church and you sad time was standing still. Two ideas about time right there…plus you get to curse at NOLA traffic again lol. You also had some other great vintage shots you could string together. Look at them and be inspired πŸ˜„


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