We all have an opinion

Of course I have an opinion on about every single relevant, complicated or sensitive topic (religion, politics, life style and choices, etc) but 98% of the time I keep them to myself, and I know that the fact that I choose to talk about insignificant or “dumb” things might make me look, to some people, as an undereducated ignorant person, that is not cultured enough to handle a talk on a serious topic, but the truth is I rather to seem less knowledgeable at times, but why you might ask?
Well for starters I avoid disagreements, very few people are able to have a dialogue in a civil matter when they are standing at opposite sides of the subject, and although in theory I respect everyone’s opinion I am an emotional human being, so I know not to engage in some situations when my emotions could get the best of me, it’s called self-awareness. I am not saying that I am going to get heated during every debate I come across in my life, what I am saying is that I am aware of the fact that I do not poses the ability to keep it cool sometimes, specially when someone is standing at the opposite side of my point of view. So I rather agreed with everyone that pizza is greatness, over disagree with someone on the fact that Islam as a religion is not the cause of what happened two days ago.
And the number one reason I rather update my FB status to “today I farted and it smelled so bad” over “I support gay marriage”, I give us, myself and those around me, a break. I give us the opportunity to laugh for a few minutes on how un-lady like I could be, rather than starting an hours long argument on how we disagree. I prefer to bring you two minutes of laughs than two hours of endless back and forward, because we, as humans, won’t change our minds, accept or agree with someone else’s opinions easily. It is easy to say respect others opinion, but for most it does not come as easily to actually respect them in a civil way.
So don’t believe me ignorant or unaware about the fact that our world it’s going to crap, I am totally aware of that, but since we are going to crap why not have a laugh or two on our way down!?

3 thoughts on “We all have an opinion”

  1. I feel much the same way my friend. There is no rational discourse anymore between opposing views. Like you I stay informed. I read a lot of stuff this weekend from various reliable news sources about what happened in Paris. Just today at work somebody chimed in about it. What they said was misinformed and inaccurate to put it mildly. I’m not going to get into it with them because like you, I just don’t see the point anymore. I do spar occasionally with friends who are like-minded…but what we disagree with tends to be minor issues or just how to resolve an issue we all agree on. The core argument is the same.I like your humor approach and getting to know you these last few months I know that you have a lot of thoughts bubbling in that brain of yours. Not speaking about these heavy issues does not make your opinions any less valid.

    So keep up with this approach and don’t EVER let someone call you names because you choose a different path with how you go about your life. Some of the most miserable people are the ones who take stuff outside their world too seriously. Sign petitions, donate, being aware are all great things. But being so serious about it and getting in shouting matches does nothing in the end.

    Keep being YOU my friend.


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