Broke, tired and no health insurance.

So I’ve been wanting to make this whole post about how wonderful Halloween is in New Orleans, and when I say wonderful I am not exaggerating, but I have been so busy working seven days a week and being unable to sleep due to an extreme back pain, thanks to my part-time job as a hostess while in between jobs, long story short I haven’t been able to go out to take photos that prove how extremely into this holiday this city is and working in the service industry is exhausting.

At 27 I have never worked in the service industry before, nor retail, a lot of people, in this city specially, find this to be odd since the majority of people my age have at least once worked in something like that while in high school or college, but my first job ever after moving to this country at 18 was as front desk for a real stated company, and from there I managed to get trapped in the clerical medical field, yes I said trapped, it is like once you get into this area you can’t ever leave, you just moved from hospital to hospital and somehow end up working with the same people you were working two hospitals ago because they too are just moving around.

So when I got fed up (with all good reasons to leave the place by saying “Fuck this place” as I walked out middle fingers to the air) with the last hospital I worked at,  I said to myself let’s try something different something I have never done before and that’s how I ended up as a hostess in a chain restaurant. And now all I have to say it’s I am tired, broke and I have no health insurance, so thanks heavens I am starting at an other hospital this coming Monday.

Being a hostess is not as easy as it looks, all day standing up, dealing with customers that don’t give a shit about the fact that you are a human being (today an 60 something year old man tried to basically rob me, they don’t care), getting no many tips, being paid minimum wage, and oh lord the back!!! I can’t even imagine what servers are going through.

This little time in a different area has shown me something though, to respect and thank everyone that offers me a service, because, yes it is their job and they choose it, but they are working hard and trying their best to provide us with a good experience, even the ones that look like they don’t want to be there at times,if we are paying for the service that means we are too fucking lazy to do it ourselves to start with and if we pissed off everyone to change careers from the service industry we are going to be fucked having to do things for ourselves ( I personally will probably starve to death). So tip your hostess, servers, bell boys, etc etc correctly and say thank you and smile, this will make yours and our ( haha yasss I am one of them now) interactions much better.

Anyways I’ll try to go take some photos and have a Halloween post for this weekend, because I really want to show y’all how cool this weekend is in the city, but I can’t make any promises because mama is tired.

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3 thoughts on “Broke, tired and no health insurance.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are having such a rough time right now. It is cut throat out there now and companies or businesses know their bottom lines and fuck everyone over at every chance they get. Its not fair at all. That being said in the situations you describe we always try to make a difference. Being nice, leaving good tips even for bad meals as long as the service isnt really bad. It’s not much but I like the idea that we can be that one cool customer they may have all day. Looking forward to some photos and some slice of life NOLA photos! Hope your back gets better too 😄

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