I always want to post something when the @Instagram #WHP comes around but I seldom do, this weekend the project was to capture out-of-this-world moments by staging them or just by looking around for naturally occurring moments, one of the reasons why I never really post for the project is because I forget to look around for those moments, but today the moment came to me, and what an idiot would I have been if I didn’t capture it? The moment came with a photo and with a story, and I want to share them both with you.

The Chasing of the Princess
The Chasing of the Princess

“There I was walking around City Park when out of the nowhere Snow White passed me walking fast like she was late for something really important, well this is odd I though, but I took my phone out and snapped a photo, it’s not everyday you see a princess running late for a ball, the photo was far and a little blurry, I needed a better one, and that’s how I found myself chasing the princess like Alice chased the White Rabbit down the hole to Wonderland.

I tried to keep up with her, but the Princess was in a rush, I tried calling her name but she couldn’t hear me, she was really in a rush, and I was curious as for why. So I followed her, up and down, across a bridge, passed some bushes and behind the trees. She finally came to little park, there where lots of fun games, there also where other princesses playing around, they were having a party by the carousel, I saw Cinderella and Princess Jasmine, Tiana and Merida were also there, they all had on nice dresses and beautiful tiaras, they were having a blast, I stuck around for a little and watch them have play, oh what a wonderful moment it was. ”

How funny the coincidence that this weekend project was to make-believe and I ended up having my own Alice in Wonderland moment? All I can say is that today was a good day!

Happy Sunday y’all !!!!

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PS : Check my IG for more photos @soryely_photo


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