Welcome to Miami

I finally took the time to clean out and select the photos I liked the most from my Miami trip, although I was in Miami for 15 days I am sorry to say that I do not have that many photos to show you guys, I know disappointing, but me going to Miami was not a really a vacation, I was more of a coming back come and I had shit to do.

I spent most of time there driving my grandma around and running errands for my uncle, I did stop from time to time to snap something good to show you guys, I mean I only went to the beach once, so I think I did great for the little time I actually had for myself.

The fact that I don’t have great photos to show you guys should let you know my trip was a complete success, I got to see my family and friends, I met my 1-year-old niece for the first time and I got to catch up with life, to remind me that moving away was a good decision. I love Miami, Miami is and will always be home, but sometimes you have to leave home to be happy.

Anyways I am rambling, here are the the few shots I liked, hope you enjoy them!!!

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