Are we really diverse?

As I am sitting at work, in my little office out of everyone’s view, I can hear the nurses in the ER talking about politics and Donald Trump and things I would normally would not pay attention too, I fee political views are personal and more than anything should not be discussed at work, especially when you work for a “diverse” company.
I really could not make out exactly what they were talking about since I was not in the conversation per say and I honestly did not care until I hear one if the techs scream “I feel white people we are the minority now!” She is screaming this in the middle of the ER, she is obviously having a conversation with a group of white nurses and not caring who is around to hear what she is saying since the ER at this moment was empty, we had not patients. After I hear her, now I start paying attention, and I came to the conclusion that she simply does not like minorities, based of the things she said after, and which I will not waste my time writing down now.
That and the fact that I tried a couple of weeks ago to start a complaint against another employee for discrimination and harassment and the response I had from the HR department was to wave it off, instead of allowing me to exercise by right, lets me know that I am not really working for a diverse company, that I am not being treated the correct way and that I am not consider part of the “team”.
I am actually part of a cover, a façade, a place that for reasons that we all understand needs to have a diverse staff, but that no necessary wants a diverse staff. I have never seen it as an US and THEM thing but today it is clear to me that it is this way.
My biggest question is, how can you be a care giver when you feel a certain way about people based on their skin color, culture or why they are from? How do you correctly provide equal and good care for all your patients? Do you actually provide good care for everyone? Or do your views intervene when it’s time to do your job?

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