Shopping carts can be fun! 

OK, maybe not when you are nine months old and your mother tries to  sit you in one with your legs hanging out of those two wholes while she does a week worth of groceries and suddenly you disappear under a mountain of products you don’t really understand, I can see how that can be traumatic, specially when all you want its to hold on to mommy.

But shopping carts can totally be fun at 25, when you turn them into a moving party that you can take wherever you want. Add some funky lights and a good set of speakers and you are on to something great!

Here’s a shot of one of the coolest shopping carts I’ve seen, I found this awesomeness during 4th of July. A guy wearing an American flag as a cape made it his duty to bring the fun around that day, he sure made everyone’s night more funky.

Find the fun in the small  things and your life will get better!

Hope you like this shot as much as I enjoy taking it!

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