Good Luck Sory

Him: Oh I’m not ready to be with someone, my last relationship was hell.
Me: Ok, so what are we doing them?
Him: I like you but I don’t know, I think this is it for us….
Me: Ok (secretly I am about to blow someone’s head off, it might be his)
*3 weeks later, while Facebook stalking him, I see that he is officially in a relationship.*
I tend to be that girl, the girl that everyone thinks it’s so cool and nice but no one ever wants to really be with. I am the female and real life version of Dane Cock on Good Luck Chuck, and I am getting tired of it! I am emotionally frustrated, and the fact that I have no shame on admitting it should let you know how bad it is.
For the last six years I’ve been that girl with every guy I’ve met, the pattern is so repetitive I already see it coming before it even starts, it goes like this:
I meet guy > We like each other > Guy tells me he is just getting out of a relationship > Guy leads me on to believe we could have something > Guy miraculously discovers he doesn’t want to be in a relationship > My feelings get hurt > Guy gets in a serious relationship with someone else.
I’ve started to stop things myself at about step three, which I might be stopping myself for finding something good, but there’s a 50% chance that I might be saving myself too, so I’ll take the second one, thanks!
I guess what I want to know is if am I wrong for doing this?

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