Where’s my camera

I haven’t touch my camera in over a month now, I still love her the same and she makes me happy, but I am at an inspiration down you might say. I literally misplaced her the other day, I was trying to clean my work space and I decide to put her in a safe place, then I couldn’t find her for about two days.

I wonder if other people go trough the same? Do you spend weeks without touching your camera? Or without writing? What do you do when this happens to you? Is this normal? I feel like I am in a marriage with problems,if that is a good comparison.

Any suggestions?


PS: Yes I referred to my camera as a her, deal with it! hahaha


One thought on “Where’s my camera”

  1. Well I always know where they are (my guitar is a she, not my cameras!) but I know what you mean. Though not all of my photos make it to my blog, I take a lot of them, but then I realize because of work and other commitments, I don’t have time so the inspiration isn’t always there. When I feel like I am in that sort of rut I put the camera down (I always have my Iphone if needed) For a few of the blogs I have done a photo expedition if you will..even in my own city. Those are the days I feel really inspired because I know I am heading out to just take photos and the results are usually great.

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