Imagine this

Imagine you gave birth to 3 kids, 3 beautiful kids that you love and care for 24/7. Then one day you see that your next door neighbor is unable to provided for her two kids the way you do for yours, so since you are a kind and loving human being you decided to take in her kids and care for them as if they were yours. Now you have a grand total of 5 kids, you struggle here and then to support your family but at the end of the day everyone is fed, clothed and has a place to sleep.

One day you discover that one of your “adoptive” kids is pregnant and since she is a kid having a kid you are now also responsible for the new comer. You have to stretch your budged to the extreme to make sure everyone is taken care of. While all this is happening the other “adoptive” kid has sneak in 2 of his friends that had been having trouble in their house and they have been secretly living in your basement for the last few weeks without you knowing.

One of those friends that has been living in you basement decides to bring his girlfriend to stay there too because they love each other and they are going to be together forever! You’ve started to notice that the food runs out faster than what it used to, utilities bills are crazy high and money is just not enough, no matter how good you’re  budgeting something is always missing and you are always short.

Your “adoptive” kids are great they help around the house, they do good in school, most of the time they are even more helpful than the kids you have birth to, you love them and are grateful for their help. But then one day you walk into the basement and discover that your “son” has 3 people living down there without your permission, at that point you have no option but to call everyone’s parent and sent them home, no matter how much you empathize with everyone’s particular situation you can’t take care of them! What’s worse the trust you had on your “adoptive” son is now broken so you decide to put rules and regulations, that not longer make you a cool parent, but that at the end of the day prevent him from doing what he did before. He bitches, complains and talks bad about you to everyone and now you are known as the uncool controlling mom that’s ruining his life, and that sucks but you had not option!

You did not kick him out, you did not send him back to his mom who struggled to take care of him, neither left him out on the streets with no placed to go, you simply stablished new rules that if he follows correctly will allow for a peaceful and well taken care for home.

Now take this same example and apply it to a small nation, lets say this small nation is I don’t know, the Dominican Republic (mom) and the adoptive kids are our Haitian immigrants. Is it now easier for you to understand that what it is currently happening in the Dominican Republic, my country ,is not a matter of race or hate, it is simply a matter of OUR COUNTRY CAN NOT LONGER TAKE CARE OF THEIRS, how its been doing for the last 171 years, because:

1. We can barely take care of ourselves

2. We do not have an accurate measurement of the Haitian population illegally living in our country

3. And as a consequence of number 2 we do not longer know who needs help and in what way.

Just like the mother in the example, the Dominican Republic has had to put in place a new set of laws in order to take care of its population, that this new laws might look “no cool” and “unfair” does not mean they are not necessary. We are not illegally or inhumanly “kicking” every one out of the country, in fact there was a grace period in which EVERY illegal alien ( EVERY illegal alien, not only Haitians) was given the opportunity to become a legal resident of the Dominican Republic. Now the majority of the Haitian population was not able to meet the dead line, and now they are being deported. Every country has rules and regulations to control their borders or “Immigration Laws” , why shouldn’t  the Dominican Republic be allow to have its own set of laws?

To finish I would like to say that YES THERE IS RACISM in my country, and yes they are a hand full of Dominicans that are taking advantage of the situation to express their ignorant idiotic racist believes against Haitians, but this is again only a HAND FULL, they don’t represent the believes of the country. And their acts, comments, Facebook post and any other form of expression is being used and exploited by media in order to create a bad press against our country. When the reality is we life our lives in peace and hand in hand with one and other 90 % of the time we no troubles.

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