365 days or so latter

A year and three months ago today I moved to New Orleans from Miami, running away from my heart ache and problems like any good coward, thinking ” this is temporary and I’ll be back in no time”. I actually was thinking I was never going to be brave enough to make it away from what had become home and my comfort zone for the previous eight years.

“How was I going to survive in an unknown city, away from my family and friends? I most be crazy, yes that’s it I’ve lost it! I’ll be back in a few months and everything is going to be OK”. Those were my thoughts when I first moved, little by little and out of the nowhere this way of thinking was replaced by a growing love for this city and all that it is, and a year and three months later there is no other place I rather be than NOLA!

I’ve made it a whole year away from home, from people I love and make me feel safe, I am pretty much alone, still adapting to the city, have no friends, that part it’s kind of sad, yes I miss Miami and feel lonely at times, but I am proud of myself, what I have accomplished, how far I’ve gotten and how long it has lasted.

So my first I Made It! Monday does not only celebrates me surviving this past seven days without  having a mental break down and planing someone’s at work murder, JK (maybe) , but also me making it a whole year of my new life, without looking back, and learning to be happy and adapt, leaving the coward that once ran away in the past.



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