25 things about being 25

I love group text, they keep me connected to my friends even when we are all in different states, is not the same as sitting with them having a glass of wine while watching Netflix but is the closer thing we have to all  being in the same room at the same time. We text each other all the time and we never know when the conversation started or when it will end, and I love it!!

While texting away this week we got into the conversation about how your life changes once you turn 25, since I am one of the oldest in my group of friends I often find myself giving advice to the others. This time i found myself telling them “A lot it’s going to change once you hit 25”, they asked me why or how and I couldn’t come up with a good explanation but telling them that it just does and that they will understand what I am saying once they get there. So as a way of giving them an answer to who things change once you get to 25, and because I enjoy making list and using bullet points here are 25 things that happen once you turn 25.

PS: most of these, and by most I really mean all of this, only apply to women, sorry boys but I really don’t know what to be a man is.

  1. Wine is now your best friend.
  2. All your friends now have kids, they may or may not be married, but they have kids.
  3. Your wedding calendar is booked during wedding season.
  4. You start drinking socially and not to get wasted.
  5. You can’t really get wasted anymore; you’re sober one minute and almost dying the next, there’s no in between.
  6. You really don’t want to hang or go out with those that like to drink to get wasted; the idea of going out with Maria gives you a headache because you know she will want to drink the whole bar and she can’t “handle her liquor”.
  7. Your circle of friends gets even smaller, and this has nothing to do with everyone starting to have kids, it has to do with growing in different directions.
  8. Having your own place so you can have people over and “entertain” becomes a most have.
  9. Getting a boyfriend is no longer a matter of having someone to hang out with, now you are looking for a possible life partner, so yes you get picky or picker if you were already a picky one.
  10. One day out of the blue someone will call you ma’am and then there’s no stopping it after that, it will happen daily.
  11. You handle you money different and better, also saving becomes important.
  12. Pulling an all nighter, hahahahaha what’s that?
  13. Making new friends is hard, again because you’re picky.
  14. Staying in sounds way better now than it did only 3 years ago.
  15. You realize romantic relationships don’t get easier with time, you are still going to get your heart-broken at 25 and it’s going to hurt just like it did at 16, the difference now is that you can handle it better.
  16. You start doing things alone you would never imagine before, like sitting at a bar and having a glass of wine or going to the movies.
  17. You can now rent a car, congratulations!!
  18. Being single sucks, but at the same time is not that bad, that one is kind of confusing but once you turn 25 you’ll get it.
  19. You smile more, you laugh more, you become nicer to people, your pride is not always in the way.
  20. Brunch becomes your favorite meal, forget the fact that is not a real meal and it only really happens on Sundays.
  21. You start telling 20 year old “you are only 20, you still young and have a lot of time”.
  22. You don’t like to be around 18 year olds, because they make you feel like a grandma.
  23. Part of you is in and up to date on all trending topics, but part of you is clueless about wha is trending, and it can get really confusing when what is trending can change over night.
  24. You actually take your time and think before making any type of life changing decisions.
  25. You now appreciate life, realize that it is only one and you most live it happy, so you start doing things to like, be around people you love and love you back.

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