You are a JERK!

So it is not a secret for anyone that I’ve been trying online dating, and apparently falling at it, as a way of not only finding a potential life partner but also to get out there and meet people. If been receiving and sending out text, setting up dates, never hearing back from those guys again, so far I’ve failed at making any new friends, which leads to me failing at finding any potential romantic partners, WOO HOO GO ME!!.

Anyways, a lot of times I message the guys first in an attempt to establish a conversation, since so many guys say on their profiles they like girls that can contact them first and let them know they are interested, I’ve come to find out that is bullshit!!!! Because every single guy I’ve reached out to first, has plain and simple ignored my message. Do you know how hard it is for a woman to actually take the first step and let you know that she is interested in whatever it is you have to offer? To step out of what we consider the “norm”, of waiting for a guy to approach us first, and actually reach out to a complete stranger, only to get ignored?  If you guys think that is nerve-racking for you, know that it is at least ten times worst for girls to send that first “Hey, how are you?” message. Normally reply to everyone that says hello to me simply because I know how being ignored feels and even when I know that I don’t like the guy I write back to the first hello, just so I don’t come across as a mean bitch. But since I get ignored so many times I’ve become disinterest on, not only answering back to people to be nice, but in everything online dating related.

Well,yesterday after like a week or so of not even checking my OkCupid profile, I logged in to find a message from a dude saying and I quote “Can you like don’t be such a jerk and write back. Like why are you being a jerk?” let’s keep in mind that this is a random stranger that has no clue of who I really am as a person, the fact that I didn’t write back because I hadn’t  seen the message and finally the fact that I get ignored all the damn time and I have never gone off on a person and called them a jerk, I simply moved on. It literally took everything in me not to go Britney Spears crazy on this dude,  I just deleted the message and blocked him, because I know that if I wrote back even if it was a simple I am sorry I haven’t answer, at one point or and other I would have ended up insulting the guy and I am a better person than that.

I find it funny though, how he got so heated when something he probably does to a lot of girls online was done to him. I wonder what would happen if I went cray cray on every guy that ignores me? I honestly though it was going to be easier, instead I’m getting ignored, never called back and now also insulted by random strangers, actually it is exhausting. I feel better knowing I am not the only one, I bet someone is reading this right now and agreeing with me, all I can say is hang in there partner we’ll be okay.


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