Audubon Zoo New Orleans

So I went on what to my eyes might have been the best first date ever yesterday, He took me to the ZOO!!!!! and he was OK with me using a coupon to get in!!!!

Most guy would want to meet you for coffee or dinner,if they are really into you, and insist to pay even if the date was a disaster, they would never set foot outside the box of what the word has establish as a good date. A good date should be fun and a time in wish you get know the other person better, picking a fun and interactive activity is the key to having a great time. I personally appreciate the idea of going out and doing something non conventional for a first date, as long as is not jumping out of a plane or doing some type of hard-core drug, I’m down! I also enjoyed the date as much as I did because it have me the opportunity to take some good pictures, which I am of courser sharing with you guys!!!

If you are a guy reading this always think outside the box when it comes to taking a girl on a date, do something that you think will give you both the opportunity to know each other better and have a good time at the same time, I’m sure she will put you on the top of her list and definitely want to see more of you.

And now some fun pictures, I hope you guys like them!

Hope you liked the pictures, feel free to like, comment and share!



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