Look at that m..f.. truck

I found my home
I found my home

So as I took one of my walks down the Quarters (I don’t think I’ll get tired of this walks  like ever), I saw this truck just parked across the French Market and I turned to my friend and say “Look at the mother fucking truck, tell me where else in the world you are going to find a place like New Orleans, where people turn even the simplest things into works of art, moving works of art in this case”, my friend laughed and said “I am guessing you are not moving back to Miami anymore”.

I did not answer back to his comment right away and just laughed it off , but he was right I am not moving back, don’t get me wrong I love Miami, my friends and family are in Miami, and there is great art in Miami too, but I am at the moment in love with New Orleans, I feel that the way people express themselves here and the way they life their lives it’s what fits me and who I am, so with this thought I snapped a photo of the truck while saying to him with a smile in my face “I think I might have found my home”.

The photo was taken with my Nikon D3100 and edited using PicMonkey

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