Your reflection on the window

Refections of love
Refection of love

I went on a night walk around the French Quaters, camera in hand like always,  and stopped at a local coffee shop for a well deserved warm treat. I sat down not paying any type of attention to the world moving around me, which is normally how I am when I am out taking photos, after a little I noticed this couple next to me. I started to pay attention to them and only them, I couldn’t hear what they were saying and I honestly didn’t care, I was more interested in their actions, the way they looked at one and other, how they held hands, he at one point moved the hair out of her face, it was much like a romantic movie.

They were so into each other they never noticed me looking at them and I found that fascinating. Now I’ve been single for almost six years so I tend to forget how all this being in love things go, but I honestly don’t believe I have ever seen two people more in love than this couple, which made me a little jealous, so I decided to join eHarmony on my way back home, this might not have been a rational decision, but I do believe is time for me to at least start dating after six years off the market.

I honestly don’t expect to find a love where I don’t notice people starting at me at coffee shops, mostly because I am not the warm lovey dovey type, but I, for the first time in a long time, am really ready to welcome love again, hopefully I’ll find it.

Hope you guys like the photo, feel free to like, comment or share!!!


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