You shall not… be in love

Recently I found this article titled Forbidden Love thanks to the comments section on The Daily Post Community Pool, I’ve been desperately trying to find it again to share it with you, but it seems like the blog got lots in cyberspace and although I would love to perform some Tron like acts, get in there and find it, we all know I am not able to do it.

The writer talks about how she involved herself in a relationship that was forbidden, she does not explain if it was a romantic relationship, a friendship or if she just liked to sit down to have sandwiches with the homeless man from around the corner and her mom didn’t like it, all she said was that it was forbidden, but at the same time it was a real loving and caring relationship that helped her grow as a person and see the world differently, I relate to the writer because I was once in her shoes.

Some times we love or fall in love with people we are not supposed to and when life forces us to end this relationships for a reason or an other, we tend to believe this is the end of our entire world, only with time, if we choose to, we get to understand that maybe this end was the best that could have ever happened to us and that because of it and this person we once loved so much we are now a better happier person, and I say if we choose to, because we are the ones that have to decide if we want this change to do us good or bad.

I once loved someone with all my heart, like I never loved anyone else, myself included, before. I knew from the beginning that I shouldn’t fall for this person but I did it anyways, because at that moment and during that time it was what my heart wanted and what I thought would make me happy. And when it ended I saw my world crumble to the ground, the happiness left my life and I allowed it to leave, for a long time I hanged to the possibility of things going back to how they were and I let depression take over my life.

It took time, a lot of effort and dedication to realize that the end of this relationship was actually the start of my new and better life. This person showed me so many great things, thought me how to love and be loved, how to be a better person for someone else but myself, but the most important thing this person gave me is the power to understand that I am the one in charge of my life and that I am the one who decides if I am going to learn and grow from my experiences or if I am going to let them drawn me.
I am happier now, I still care and love this person, I am thankful and have a lot of respect for him, but my world no longer revolves around him, I am now the center of my universe.

I wish I could have found the article to share it with you guys, maybe you could relate to it to. Feel free to like, comment or share.


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