Happy New Year

We are at exactly 24 hours away from the beginning of a brand new year, 2015 is literally around the corner and there is nothing we can do but to welcome it with open arms and positive vibes.

When I was a kid growing up in the Dominican Republic I loved New Years celebrations because it was a time when family came together, it was a big party with lots of food, music, dancing and as I grew older and allowed to drink BOOZE!!! Then came my late teens and early 20’s and everything was annoying “Why are we celebrating the fact that we are getting older?? This is the same count down you did last year MTV, no one wants to know how long Britney Spears was on the number 1 place for most annoying song played over and over!!! Do I really have to dress up to got to tio’s house? I mean I am there everyday on my pjs”.

Then last year I turned 25, out of the nowhere I was not hating the world in an “annoyed teenager” type of way, I was hating the world in a “whats the point of living” type of way. There I was 25 years old with a profession I liked but didn’t love, so I did not finish it, not married, no kids, no house, talking to a guy I knew would never give me what I needed, thinking of which would be the best way to end it all and spare everyone and myself the waste that was my life. For months and months I smiled and looked happy just to go home and cry until I had no more tears left. I knew something was “wrong” with me, my shitty associates degree in psychology told me something was not right, I was sad all the time but I couldn’t find a reason for my sadness, I wouldn’t eat nor socialize, oh the many times my phone rang and rang and I ignored it.

Exactly a year ago December 31st 2013 New Years Eve I was in a tiny Miami apartment alone with a bottle of wine and a bottle of pills, ignoring everybody’s calls and thinking on which was the best way to do this. But God had totally different plans for me because I fell asleep before midnight and never got to open the second bottle, I woke up January 1st 2014 to a voice mail from my mother wishing me a happy new year and letting me know how much she loved me and how she wished I was with her, and in that moment everything changed for me, it was not only the beginning of a new year but the beginning of a new life for me. For the first time in my life the phrase “new year, new me” actually meant something, and so I started the changes and the road to happiness.

Here I am a year later, alive and although I still fight with my demons from time to time, I am now able to stand taller and push them away. I live in a city which I love and where I am myself more than I have never been, I found a new passion in photography that allows me to escape when sadness wants to take over, lost about 50-60 pounds in a good healthy way, not married, no kids but I am now actually and sincerely okay with it, and if God decides to change this I will also welcome it.

Yes 2014 was a great year for me, because I grew up as a person and my life changed drastically for the better, now I am ready to welcome 2015 with open arms and a positive vibe, to make it a great year too. Here’s for a great and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!**raises virtual glass**


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