Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve or for my Hispanic people Noche Buena, also is the day in which us Hispanics eat and drink like the world is going to end tomorrow and we better take advantage of the good stuff before is too late. 

Normally I would be home pretending to help my grandma with the cooking while actually drinking all her coquito and eating the yuca empanadas as the come out of the pan. Then at night-time I would get all dressed up and pretty not to leave my house but to wait for my many relatives to come so me can get the party started, we would eat, drink and dance and sing happy birthday to Jesus exactly at 12 am.  This year is the first time in 26 years on my life that I’m not home for the festivities and although I am sad I know it is how it’s supposed to be and maybe it would be different next year. I am happy and I don’t feel alone, I feel like life has given me an opportunity to learn, work on myself and to appreciate my family.

I hope your Christmas is full of love, laughter and annoying family members that you only see once a year. Have a great Noche Buena and a wonderful Christmas!!!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Here’s a shot I took at a random hotel lobby, I liked their tree so i took a photo, hope you like it!!

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Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!!

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