I’m just learning as I go

As I’ve said before I’ll say it once more I am not a photographer, most of the time I have no clue of what I am doing with my camera and I honestly don’t even think I am that good, but that wont stop me from going out there and taking shot after shot of the world as I see it, and clicking through the settings until I finally get them right.

The fact that I am not an expert wont stop me from showing you guys what makes me happy, this is the way I’ve chosen to express myself, the way I want to be able to touch you guys and bring a smile to your faces or put a thought in your head.

Every time someone likes one of my photos or says “That’s a good shot” it makes me believe I am on the right path and that if I continue learning I will get there. I honestly appreciate all the likes, comments and feedback I receive from you, they motivate me better myself and encourage me to learn more.

Thank you all for the motivation!!!

Feel free to like, comment or share!!


PS follow me on Instagram for Iphone photos of New Orleans!!


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