Photo 101: Moment

For this challenge they asked us to capture a moment, like I told you guys I was going to go out and take new photos for the up coming assignments and that’s exactly what I did yesterday, here is one of my favorite shots from all the ones I got, and the one I believe represents a moment the best.

New Orleans street performer
New Orleans street performer

This lady sings and plays the clarinet, and she does both extremely well. I was going for my regular friday morning walk around the French Quarters when I saw the little band playing, a few minutes after I stopped to watch them she stands up for a solo and wow!!! You can see that she is completely lost in the music, lost in that moment and that is what she lives for. Watching someone do what day love and see how they give themselves to it is something amazing.

Hope you like my submission, feel free to like comment and share!!!



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