Maybe I was wrong

Remember last week when I told you guys that working at the emergency room was boring and my dreams of being in a Grey’s Anatomy episode were crushed??? Well I guess the universe decided to slap me in the face and shut my mouth.

Today s..t got to a whole new level of real, there were people running, craying, screaming, it was so intense i couldnt belive it. I think live wanted for my last week working in the ER to be a good one.

It all started with someone pulling over to the ramp an calling for help, i was sitting in the ER but we have cameras overlooking the entrence so i saw it all, i saw people running outside with a gurney and then out of the nowhere i see the house supervior jump on it and start CPR on the person they just put on it, yes I’ve seen people doing compresions on patients before, but this was something out of a movie,he was on top of the patient while they rolled him throught the hallways!!!!  The family was running behind them and the nurses stoped them in a very movie like way telling them they can not go in the trauma room. It was all kinds of intense.

And it gets better, or worst depending on how you want to look at it, no 5 minutes after that happened two EMS come in one with a stroke and the other with a S.T.E.M.IE (a type of heart attack) and just like that the running started again. Doctors, nurses, labs, x-rays, family members all over the place, and I was there in the background witnissing it all, only thing i was missing today was having sex with the hot doctor in a on call room to be in a Grey’s episode.

I know it sounds odd to be excited about having this type of day but i’ve waited all this time to feel like i was on Grey’s anatomy and today i finally got it, my last week in the ER has turn out to be my dream come truth.


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