I was not able to post anything today and that sucks!!!

Normally I post two or three times a day and browse my Reader page reading and liking y’all stuff, all this thanks to the fact that my job has not blocked WordPress for us (yet) and I also sit in the ER for 8 hours doing pretty much nothing, so I am able to type my life away and then share it with y’all. But today was my day off, which means I had to be a grown up and run errands and all that type of boring shit grown ups do, you know buy groceries, try not to kill the woman in front of you at the ten items of less line for having 20 items and trying to pay with check, like really who the fuck uses checks now days?? Normal grown up stuff.

Anyways, one thing I was able to do while stuck in traffic for, I shit you not, two hours!!!! was take a few snaps of the CCC bridge from different angles as I crossed it. It is the same bridge in the photos I submitted for my Photo 101: Landmark post.

Hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to comment, like and share. I will be back tomorrow as my regular self, have a great night.



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