Is not Grey’s Anathomy

greys-image-01When I first started working at the hospital I currently work at I was so excited because I was going to be living in real life Grey’s Anatomy, Ohhh there was going to be drama, sex, action, plane crashes, more sex, more drama and endless crying.

After two weeks of training, in a class room nowhere near the ER, I was finally in the Emergency Room ready for the action. Now we all know I am not a nurse nor a doctor so I wasn’t really going to be part of the action but I was ready to be there in the background observing everything and everyone, I remember that first day I was so hype I was about to change my name to Christina Yang. And so I waited for something to happen, and then I waited more, and after that I waited some more, the end of the day came and nothing happened, aside from the lady in the last POD with back pain that wouldn’t stop screaming, my first day was disappointing, so was the second, the third and every other one.

The most exciting day for me was the first time I had to work with had passed away, and that’s not the type of excitement you necessarily want in your life, unless you are or are planning to become a mortician or something around that area. Anyways that excitement only comes to you with your first dead patient after the seventh one you really don’t feel nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong they are some days when shit gets real, but 90 % of the time what happens in the ER is boring. Patients that should be going to their primary care doctor or to an urgent care coming in because eventually they won’t end up paying the bill, and others coming in because they simply don’t know that what they have is not really an emergency. The ER can get so boring that you would find the staff trying to entertain themselves by joking about things that any “normal” person that does not work in an ER would find offensive and out-of-place.

My dreams of living in a never-ending episode of Grey’s Anatomy have been crushed, badly, by reality. I still like working in the ER thought, but I’ll like it even more if I could have sex with a super-hot doctor or nurse in the back room.

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