Photo 101: Landmark

I’m excited for this one!!!

Living in New Orleans I have the opportunity to visit a lot of historic landmarks, and it is wonderful!!! To actually visit all of this places where great moments of the United States history took place is something beyond words.

I know you guys are probably expecting me to give a great shot of the St. Louis Cathedral or fabulous pictures of Bourbon Street. But for my official submission I’ve chosen this photo of the New Orleans twin bridges. The shot taken from New Orleans Holocaust Memorial Sculpture at the Woldenberg Park (the east bank river walk).


Time for some history and useful information.

The official name for the twins is The Crescent City Connection (CCC), formerly the Greater New Orleans Bridge (GNO) they carry the U.S Route 90 Business over the Mississippi River and they’re tied as the fifth-longest cantilever bridges in the world. Both bridges designed by Modjeski & Masters, Inc. A separate police agency, commonly nicknamed the “Bridge Police”, is required because of the high traffic volume and the fact that the two spans briefly cross into Jefferson Parish and the city of Gretna; therefore, it could not be policed solely by the New Orleans Police Department, you know you have something special when you have to create a whole new police department to look after it.

For the assignment they ask us to move around and change our POV , I was sitting on a bench and I decided to place the camera on it and take the photo from that angle.  I think is looks pretty cool, what do you guys think???

And for my un-official submission!!!!

The New Orleans Holocaust Memorial Sculpture.


The sculpture composed of nine panels, each with different designs.  As you view the sculpture from different angles, the designs on the panels meld to form distinct images.  Ten images come into view as you walk around the panels, here it shows you the view of the Start Of  David. I choose the photo because you have to change you POV in order to appreciate the sculpture.

Neither one of the photos were edited in any way, this are straight from my camera to you. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoin sharing them with you!!! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of them, like and share my post!!!!

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