Photo 101: Connect

For the this submission for the Photo 101 challenge they asked us to share a photo that represents connection for us.

As you guys know I moved to New Orleans about seven months ago, leaving all my friends of years and years behind in Miami, the easiest way for me stay connected with them is technology. So it only makes senses that I choose this photo for submission.


I’ve dug into my files for a very photo, instead of taking one daily, because I started the challenge when everyone else had already finish it. But for this submission I had no one photo in my files that represented the way I see connection, so I had to take this one!!!

It might my not be my best summation but it shows the way I stay connected!!

PS: The photo of the Corona in the background is also one of my photos  and other way I connect with my friends and family!!! We hispanics love to get together and drink some beers. If you go to any hispanic get together I can assure you they are going to have Coronas 99% of the time!!!

Does this mean I submitted two photos???    😉

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