Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale…(Spoiler Alert!!!! Stop Reading if you have not seen the mid season finale!!! )

Let me rant a little!!! I CAN NOT belive you guys did that to us AMC!!!!!


(seriously if you haven’t watch the show stop reading now)

We spend 3 episodes waiting for this moment full of hope and joyful that our  family is finally being put back together and then in the last 10 minutes you decide to kill Beth!!!!???

I was not expecting this at all, I am still in shock. I do not appreciated this surprise and I am sure millions of fans out there are equally upset. I understand you have to bring excitement and new things to the show to keep us watching, but you have to understand that we are emotionally attached to this characters and to kill them like this out of the nowhere without any type of warning hurts us. Do you like to see us suffer or something??? Every other dead on the show I expected and I was ok with, but this seriously feels like getting punch in the belly for no reason.

Beth wasnt even my favorite character but I was growing to like her, plus I was waiting for her and Darryl to get it on at some point, you have crushed all my dreams and hopes!!! Just know that if you are planing on doing something like this to Darryl I, and probably many other fans, will riot!!!!


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