Photo 101: Solitude

This one has being the easiest one so far. As soon as I saw the theme for the challenge this shot came into my mind.


This picture was also taken to with my Iphone, I took it the first week I moved in to my new place, this is my bedroom. I was sleeping on an air mattress and I had no furniture, except for that mirror. I was just sitting at the far end of the room thinking how my life had change and how lonely I was and how it had been my choice to be in this position, moving to a strange city what was I thinking!!!. I was listening to Sam Smith (not a good idea if you are lonely just FYI) and in one of his songs he says “I’m so sick of this lonely air” , the song plus the view of my oh so empty bedroom, needless to say I cried my eyes out that night.

Fortunately I am much happier now and the photo is just a reminder that things get better.

I am really enjoying myself with this project!!! Hope you guys like my work 🙂 Feel free to comment, like and share!!!




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