I don’t like you anymore!!!

This might sound childless,actually it is childless, but have you ever stop being friends with someone for one reason or an other and then find yourself annoyed by everything they do or say?? And by annoyed I mean it bothers the shit out of you when they breathe too hard while sitting next to you or even if they are 3 miles away??

I am now in a situation like this, and I know we are not kids anymore and we shouldn’t just unfriend people out of our lives base on stupid reasons, in all fairness she was the one that stopped talking to me, I am, as many would say, chilling (that was also a childless stamen).

But I also believe that this person goes out of their way to make the situation worst than what already is. I know that you are friends and get along very well with every one on our work floor ( I said that in a really sarcastic tone btw) but do you really have to be loud when talking to them and laugh like a hyena at their jokes?? And while we were “friends” you never used to hum songs while you worked but now you can’t stop humming about how you got the club going on a Tuesday!!!? seriously stop!! I ignored most of this actions, expect for the humming, that shit drives me crazy.

I guess what I want to know is, am I the only 26-year-old that acts like a middle school kid?? unfriending people and getting annoyed by their actions after??


PS: The humming is seriously FUCKING annoying!!

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